You Lose Control of your Car and Damage 

Losing control of your car and sustaining damage is a terrible and unexpected situation that no one wants to find themselves in, but unfortunately, it does happen. We can help if you’ve been in a car accident because you’ve lost control of your vehicle. It is valid to worry if you lose control of your car and damage someone or something. You may rely on the best solicitors in Scotland to assist you in such a case. 

How can you lose control of your car and damage? 

  1. Negligence by a driver: 

If you lose control of your car and damage it, you must determine whether or not you were negligent. Eventually, it is the driver’s responsibility to ensure that he is driving carefully. 

  1. The driver’s liability: 

To avoid accidents, all drivers must operate their vehicles in a safe manner. If an uninsured driver loses control, he will be held liable.  

  1. Mechanical system failures: 

In addition to tyre issues, gearbox issues, steering issues, and engine failure are the most common mechanical failures.  

  1. Defects in the manufacturing process: 

Accidents can be caused by production flaws, which can lead to fatal accidents. The manufacturers of automobiles are responsible for guaranteeing that all of the parts perform normally.  

  1. The vehicle’s maintenance: 

Oil changes, tyre rotations, and wiper blade replacements are all part of routine auto maintenance, which is the driver’s responsibility to upkeep. 

  1. Incorrect repairs: 

Because of poor repair work, accidents can happen, and the mechanic or the shop that does them could be to blame. 

When you lose control of your car and damage, who is liable? 

Drivers are always at fault in rear-end collisions, as traffic laws require them to leave enough space to safely stop. Although, in some cases, both drivers or even a third party may be held accountable. As in: 

  • You’re driving when you’re hit. The other driver alleges you didn’t use your turn signal. If you forgot to turn on the signal, you will be liable. However, if the turn signal is not working, then you and the car manufacturer will be accountable for the car accident. 
  • Your phone distracts you when driving. Suddenly, a car pulls out in front of you. But you don’t react quickly enough to avoid it. In this instance, both you and the other driver are accountable.  

So, you will have to compensate with a negligence car accident settlement in the aforementioned cases. 

What to do if you lose control of your car? 

Using the following techniques, you can avoid more damage and regain control of your car. 

  • Do not panic, as it causes people to hesitate and act. Remain calm and relaxed. 
  • When you lose control of your car and damage, you basically let go of the steering wheel. Keep your hands on it; as you will recover control of the vehicle at some point. 
  • Keep your eyes open because you’ll have to see where you are heading after you get the control back. 
  • Put the car in neutral, so you can disable the wheels. 
  • You can regain your balance by simply slowing down and straightening the car. 
  • Drive away from risky areas before stopping and stepping out. 

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