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Wallace Legal has an extensive panel of experienced personal injury solicitors, who are trained in providing expert assistance with all personal injury, car accident, and medical negligence claims. Our services are offered under the Conditional Fee Agreement (CFA) or the No Win No Fee policy.

Our professional personal injury team provides you with expert guidance, free of any cost. Schedule a consultation to benefit from the astute guidance of experienced personal injury solicitors. It all starts with a quick friendly chat with one of our experts, even if you’re unsure if you can make a claim, we can usually tell you within a few minutes if you can make a successful claim, get in touch with us on 0141 280 1112.

What Is A Personal Injury Claim

An injury caused by someone else’s negligence or fault and you are not to blame for the accident and injury is called a personal injury for which you can claim a compensation. Those responsible for the injury will be required to compensate you, where we will help you make a claim and recover your compensations.

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    Expert Personal Injury Solicitors In Scotland

    Wallace Legal extends a panel of trained personal injury solicitors, offering a complete personal injury solution, allowing you to concentrate on your recovery.

    Injury claims are made to acquire compensation for an injury or trauma suffered, as a result of a third party’s negligence. According to the current regulations, claims can be submitted within three years of the injury, whereas, in the case of minors, you can submit a claim five years subsequent to the event. Our team can help you  with  the legal aspects of the claim process.

    Looking for a Personal Injury Claims Lawyer or Solicitor in Glasgow Scotland? Then look no further and let us handle you personal injury claim,  we provide

    • Expert advice from local Scottish Solicitors
    • Minimum paperwork to get started
    • Advice on all personal injuries & compensation claims

    The Three-Step Process

    You can acquire expert assistance with our simple three-step procedure.

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    If you have been a victim of personal injury, contact our teams to schedule a free consultation session. We offer a No Win No Fee policy, which liberates you from the responsibility of paying, unless your case is successful.

    Strive to Attain Maximum Compensation

    The experts at Wallace Legal have acquired years of experience in the industry. Our trained experts handle all the complications, investigate your case, and forward it to the relevant authorities to secure you maximum compensation.

    Recieve Your Money

    Once the legal matters of the case are handled, we will send you your personal injury compensation in full without any hidden or extra fees involved.

    What Types Of Personal Injuries Can You Claim For?


    Wallace Legal has one of the largest network of personal injury solicitors covering the whole of Scotland, with a wealth of experience in the industry, you can be rest assured you are in good hands. Our teams include professional solicitors, medical experts, and private physiotherapists, who offer expertise in the following areas.

    Road Traffic Accidents

    Submit a personal injury claim for a road traffic accident.

    No Win No Fee Claim

    Acquire the maximum amount to cover the cost of a personal injury

    Workplace Compensation Claims

    Receive financial recompense following a workplace accident

    Medical Negligence Claims

    Securing the maximum amount of compensate for medical negligence

    Criminal Injury Claims

    Collect compensation for a criminal injury

    Trip & Slip Accidents

    Cover your losses with trip and slip accident claims

    Get In Touch With Our Network Of Personal Injury Solicitors

    Personal injury claims are a very complicated area of law which require extensive experience and knowledge in the field. That is why it makes sense to get in touch with the nation wide network of personal injury solicitors at Wallace Legal, our solicitors have an exceptional track record of successful claims and recovering countless compensation for the victims of personal injuries.

    You need injury solicitors that you can trust and with more than 20 years experience in this field, we have numerous satisfied clients who testify on the quality of our service.

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    How Much Compensation Will I Receive For My Personal Injury Claim?

    “How much compensation am I entitled to?” It’s simple, the severity of your injury will determine the compensation amount you are entitled to

    Other factors that may or may not contribute to your personal injury claim compensation would be the affect to your social life, professional life and if you incurred any loss of earnings. But don’t worry, we are here to support and assist you, to get the right help at the right time, this would include private physiotherapists, and professional medical experts.

    Contact us today, using our personal injury calculator to see how much compensation you are entitled to, for your claim in Scotland.

    Alternatively use our online chat function to speak to an advisor when it is convenient for you.

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    Wallace Legal is a client-centric firm. We prioritise the needs of our clients making sure that your case is handled with extreme diligence and care. Our objective is to comprehensively study the nature of every claim, ensuring you receive maximum compensation.

    Frequently Ask Question

    These FAQs are designed for personal injury victims of auto accidents, truck accidents, and victims of medical malpractice. Because accidents and medical malpractice litigation have issues that are unique to those types of personal injury cases, our lawyers have also designed frequently asked questions that are specific to truck crashes and malpractice.

    Can I make a personal injury compensation claim?

    Anyone who has suffered an injury and it was not their fault can make a personal injury claim according to the Scottish law.

    What is the time limit for making a personal injury claim?

    According to Scottish Law, you have 3 years in which to intimate a claim with the at fault party, we advise the claim should be intimated as soon as possible.

    If a child under the age of 16 is involved in an accident, they usually have 5 years to make claim following their 16th birthday.

    Who will pay my legal fees?

    Your legal fees will be paid by the CFA and if you win your claim the party at fault will pay the legal fee

    How much does it cost to make an injury claim?

    You dont have to pay a single penny to make a claim for your personal injury, it completely free. All you need to do is get in touch with us.

    What can I claim for?

    Any personal injury caused to you, which was not your fault can be claimed for.

    Types of accident injuries you can claim for are as follows.

    Do I have to go to court?

    Following an assessment by the Injuries Board, the case may follow through to court, depending on the situation. Some personal injury* cases do progress through to court while many others settle outside of court – meaning that the party at fault for the accident offers an amount of money (settlement) and that the injured party accepts before reaching the stage of going to court.

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