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Personal Injury Compensation Cost Calculator Scotland

How Much Compensation Can I Claim For My Injury?

Personal injury claims are made when you encounter an injury that is a direct consequence of someone else’s negligence. You can submit a claim for any injury caused in the workplace, shopping centres, hospitals, pavements, along with physical harm caused in a road traffic accident.  Once a claim is submitted, and the case is approved, you can receive financial compensation to cover the cost of the injury.

With that said, the amount returned for each claim varies in terms of the damage done. At Wallace Legal, we have provided you with a personal injury claims calculator, so you can gauge an idea on the approximate amount that your claim can receive.

The value of the claim is determined by taking a few factors into consideration. This includes the total duration of suffering, the overall price of the treatment, as well as the effect it has on your actions of daily living.

Personal Injury Claims Scotland Calculator

With our personal injury calculator, you can calculate an approximation of the total compensation. While it is impossible to determine the exact estimation, our calculator provides you with the closest value. However, feel free to reach out to our experts to discuss the details of the case to get an accurate approximation. At Wallace Legal, we offer a free consultation session to provide you with an in-depth idea of the legal process.


HEAD INJURIES£2500£1800£30,000 +
NECK INJURIES£4000£14000£150,000
SHOULDER INJURIES£4000£8000£12,000 +
ARM INJURIES£2500£6800£12,000 +
HIP INJURIES£5000£13,000£20,000 +
KNEE INJURIES£6000£11,000£30,000 +
ANKLE INJURIES£5000£13,000£18,000 +

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    How Do We Calculate Your Claim For Personal Injury?

    The general rule of thumb states that the severity and longevity of your injury and suffering will determine the amount of compensation you shall receive.

    General damages are labelled as all the cash awards given for the pain and suffering that follow the incident. General damages are more commonly known as Solatium in Scotland. This word is derived from Latin.

    Special Damages are all the additional costs and expenses you incur after the accident. These expenses include the damages done to your property, the transportation and conveyance costs, and any other expense you had to bear as a result of the accident. Trust Wallace Legal with all your personal injury claims, as our expert solicitors will use their in-depth knowledge to recover all these costs for you. However, we recommend that you keep all your bills and receipts safe. These receipts will be the only shred of evidence you can present to support your claim and get your payments reimbursed by the third party.

    Calculate For Loss Of Earnings

    In the event of being involved in an accident that resulted in injuries, you will definitely have to leave work for a while to work on your recovery. Unfortunately, taking time off work leads to reduction in income and subsequently a diminished standard of living. Financial hardships aren’t just a burden on the victim but their families and dependents as well. Let us help you in recovering all these losses from the party that caused this mishap. This is your legal right and you should get this monetary compensation- even if the party at fault was your boss.

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    Wallace Legal is a client-centric firm. We prioritise the needs of our clients making sure that your case is handled with extreme diligence and care. Our objective is to comprehensively study the nature of every claim, ensuring you receive maximum compensation.