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At Wallace Legal, our skilled personal injury lawyers are here to guide you through fatal accident claims. We are known for our high success rate and expertise in Personal Injury Claims Glasgow; here is how we can help.

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We work hard to get you the most compensation possible. Our team will give you a clear idea of the value of your claim and will negotiate tirelessly for you. We have an illustrious history of winning huge amounts of compensation for our clients.

Use our online calculator for a basic idea of how much your claim could be based on the injury’s severity and how long you’ve been affected.

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We offer different payment plans, but our most popular is ‘no win no fee.’ This means you only pay our panel’s Fatal Accident Solicitors if they win your Claim and you get the compensation you deserve.

Claiming Compensation For A Death:

Claiming compensation for a death caused by a workplace accident can be complex. The amount of compensation varies wildly, depending on several factors. These include the emotional pain and grief from losing a family member, as well as the distress caused by thinking about your loved one’s suffering. The specific details of the accident also play a significant role, like the safety measures the employer had in place and whether the employee followed all the rules. Each case is unique, so the compensation depends on the individual circumstances of the accident.

Fatal Accident Claims Lawyers Glasgow:

When a loved one has a fatal accident at work, it is hard to think about legal matters, which is why many people do not make a claim. However, employers have a legal duty to take reasonable measures to protect their employees from harm. This is true for all jobs, but it’s especially crucial in construction, where workers handle dangerous substances and chemicals. Employers should provide:

  1. A safe work environment.
  2. Proper equipment and tools for the job.
  3. Training on how to use them safely.

These steps should prevent fatal work accidents, but sometimes, they still happen. If an employer doesn’t meet their safety responsibilities, the employee’s family can seek compensation for their loss. This legal action can help address the pain of losing someone due to a workplace accident.


Under the Fatal Accidents and Sudden Deaths Act 2016, various claims can be made following the death of a loved one due to negligence; these include:

General Damages: This covers pain, suffering, and loss of amenities experienced by the deceased from the time of the negligent act to their death.

Special Damages: These are financial damages incurred by the deceased from the time of negligence until their death, such as loss of earnings, travel expenses, care costs, and medical treatment.

Bereavement Award: Monetary compensation awarded if the death occurred due to negligence, which can be given to the spouse, civil partner, child of the deceased or parents of an unmarried minor under 16.

Loss of Financial Dependency Claim: This applies to cases where someone was dependent on the deceased person for services or financial support. This could include claims for care, babysitting, gardening, or financial support if the deceased was the primary earner in a family.

Each of these Fatal Accident Act Claims is distinct and intended to address different aspects of loss suffered due to the death of a loved one. The specifics of who can claim and what can be claimed can vary, so it’s important to consult with a legal expert to understand the details of each type of claim.

In Scotland, the relevant legislation for fatal accident compensation claims includes:

The Damages (Scotland) Act 2011: This Act governs claims for compensation following a death caused by personal injury. It includes provisions for bereavement and loss of support for relatives of the deceased.

The Prescription and Limitation (Scotland) Act 1973: This Act sets out the time limits within which a Fatal Injury Compensation Claim must be made in Glasgow. For fatal accident claims, the time limit is generally three years from the date of death or from the date when the cause of death was established.

The Fatal Accidents and Sudden Deaths Inquiry (Scotland) Act 1976: This Act provides for public inquiries into certain types of deaths in Scotland, including deaths in the workplace or deaths resulting from accidents.

These laws reflect the differences in the legal systems between Scotland and the rest of the UK. If you are considering a fatal accident claim in Scotland, it’s essential to consult with a solicitor who is experienced in Scottish law to understand the specific legal requirements and processes.

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