Motorcycle Accident Claims Glasgow

If you have suffered a Motorcycle Whiplash Injury, we can help you make a No Win No Fee personal injury claim, we are here to help, it all starts with a simple call, talk to our claims experts today…

Professional Evaluation: Our panel’s Motorbike Accident Solicitors will review your case. We will tell you honestly if we think you have a good chance of winning the claim. 

Building the Case: If you decide to proceed, we will gather all necessary information, talk to witnesses, and collect evidence. Our goal is to present a solid case that supports your claim.

Negotiation with the Other Party: Before going to court, we try to get you a fair settlement by negotiating with the other person or their insurance company. Many times, things can be settled outside of court; we prefer that as it takes less time and resources. 

Going to court (if needed): If we can’t agree with the other side, then we are ready to take your case to court. However, don’t worry; we will be there with you and try our best to help you win your claim; after all, we only get paid if you win.

Getting Your Compensation: If everything goes well and we win your claim, you will get compensation for your injuries and any other damages. This might include medical bills, bike repairs, travel expenses, and even money for the pain you’ve gone through.

Accidents are challenging, but you are not alone; we are here to help you in Glasgow. We make the process clear and straightforward so you know what’s happening at every stage.

How Wallace Legal Helps You Make A Successful Motorcycle Accident Claim in Glasgow?

At Wallace Legal, we pride ourselves on a unique edge: our extensive network of experienced Personal Injury Solicitors Glasgow. Here’s why this makes a difference for your motorcycle accident claim:

Local Knowledge, Local Expertise: Every area, including Glasgow, has its nuances. Our panel of personal injury lawyers know Glasgow’s roads, traffic patterns, and even local authorities. This understanding often proves crucial in Motorbike Injury Claims.

Specialised Solicitors for Your Needs: With our broad network, we can match you with a solicitor who has specific experience with motorcycle accidents. They will have complementary skill sets to tackle your claim and know the common challenges and how to overcome them.

Shared Resources and Knowledge: Our network isn’t just about numbers. Our network’s Motorbike Injury Solicitors collaborate, sharing insights and strategies, ensuring that every client benefits from the collective expertise.

Direct Connections to Local Services: Through our network, we have connections with local medical professionals, mechanics, and other experts. These contacts can support your claim, providing evidence or expert testimonies.

Edge during negotiations: An extensive network means we have dealt with many insurers and opposing solicitors. This familiarity gives us an advantage during negotiations.

Continuous Support and Updates: We are always available to update you on your case, answer questions, or provide guidance.

Simply put, our network has seen numerous Motorbike Accident Claims from start to finish. We know what works and what doesn’t, ensuring a higher chance of success for your Motorbike Accident Injury Claim.

Choose Us for making a Motorcycle Accident Claim In Glasgow:

If you have suffered injuries in a motorcycle accident in Glasgow and want to make a Motorbike Compensation Claim for compensation, choose us to be your legal representative. We are based in Glasgow with a vast network of expert No Win No Fee Solicitors Glasgow ready to help at any time. From the moment you call, we focus on getting you the support and results you deserve.

We know the Glasgow roads, the local ins and outs, and most importantly, we understand how devastating a motorcycle accident can be. Contact us today, and let us connect you with a suitable motorcycle accident solicitor from our panel.


Our Valued Clients

Wallace Legal is a client-centric firm. We prioritise the needs of our clients making sure that your case is handled with extreme diligence and care. Our objective is to comprehensively study the nature of every claim, ensuring you receive maximum compensation.


How much compensation do you get for a motorcycle accident in Glasgow?

No two accidents are the same, so the compensation each accident receives is also unique; here are some factors that might affect the amount of compensation. 

Injury Severity Matters: Generally, the more severe your injury, the higher the compensation. Minor injuries might fetch smaller sums, while life-altering injuries like brain injuries can result in significantly larger compensation amounts.

Costs & Expenses: Compensation isn’t just for the pain and suffering. It can also cover medical bills, rehabilitation costs, and even the money you’ve lost because you couldn’t work.

Damage to Your Bike: Your motorcycle might need repairs or even a replacement. Compensation can help with these costs, too.

Emotional and Psychological Impact: Accidents can leave scars that aren’t physical. Sometimes, if an accident has left you struggling mentally or emotionally, this can be considered in your Motorbike Personal Injury Claim.

Potential Future Damages: If your accident means you will face ongoing costs (like medical treatments) or if it impacts your ability to work in the future, these aspects can also influence your compensation.

How the Accident Happened: Were you entirely innocent? Or did both parties share some blame? If an accident wasn’t all your fault, you might still claim, but the exact circumstances can affect the compensation amount.

Quick Settlement vs. Full Process: Sometimes, an immediate settlement offer might be less than what you could get if you go through the entire claim process. Discussing this with your solicitor to make the right choice is essential.

Legal Guidance is Key: Having a knowledgeable solicitor, especially one familiar with Glasgow’s local nuances, can make a difference in ensuring you get a fair amount.

What is the average payout for a motorcycle accident Glasgow?

Navigating the aftermath of a motorcycle accident in Glasgow? One question many have is about the average compensation they might receive. Here’s a simple breakdown:

Based on Injury Severity:

The amount you could get depends on the type of injury and its impact on your life. Let’s delve into some specifics:

Severe Injuries with Restriction of Movement: If your accident has left you with severe injuries and you find it hard to move parts of your body like you used to, the compensation might range from £18,500 to £20,000.

Serious Injuries with Some Limitation of Movement: For those who have faced severe injuries which limit movement but not extensively, the expected range is between £12,500 and £15,500.

Moderate Injuries with No Significant Disability: If your injuries are moderate and haven’t caused a major disability, you’re potentially looking at a range of £7,500 to £9,000.

Minor Soft Tissue Injuries: For smaller injuries, like minor bruises or sprains, which will heal without long-term issues, the compensation might be anywhere from £1,000 to £5,000.

Factors to Remember:

Every Case is Unique: The figures above provide a general idea, but individual circumstances can affect the final amount.

Additional Costs: Remember, compensation doesn’t just cover the injury. It can also include medical expenses, loss of earnings, and other related costs.

Legal Advice: It’s beneficial to consult with a local solicitor in Glasgow who can guide you based on your specific situation.

While the numbers above give you a ballpark idea, the actual compensation might vary. The accident’s specifics, your personal situation, and even the skill of your solicitor can all play a part. If you are navigating this challenging time in Glasgow, Wallace Legal is here to guide and support you, aiming to get the best possible outcome for your claim.

Can I claim compensation for a motorcycle accident in Glasgow?

In Glasgow, you might be eligible for compensation if you have been involved in a motorcycle accident that wasn’t your fault (or even if you were partly to blame). However, there are some things to consider to know your eligibility.

When Are You Eligible?

It Wasn’t Entirely Your Fault: If someone else was fully or even partly to blame for the accident, you have a chance. Whether it was another driver, pedestrian, or even poor road conditions, if it wasn’t all on you, you can potentially claim.

You Were Injured or Suffered a Loss: If the accident led to physical injuries, emotional distress, or even damages to your motorcycle, it strengthens your Motorcycle Accident Claim.

You’re Within the Time Limit: Generally, there’s a three-year limit from the date of the accident to make a Motorbike Accident Compensation Claim. However, there are exceptions, especially for those under 16 or if you only discovered the injury later on.

Proof and Details: The more evidence and details you have, the better. Consider photos, witness contacts, medical reports, and any other information that can back up your claim.

Reporting Matters: It’s crucial to report the accident to the police, especially if there are injuries or significant damages. Plus, inform your insurance company, but be careful about accepting quick settlements without legal advice.

A Few More Points: 

Partial Fault: Don’t give up on compensation even if you think you were partly at fault. In some cases, responsibility is shared, and you might still be entitled to a portion of the claim.

Get the Right Advice: Navigating this journey can be tricky. Speaking with a local Glasgow-based solicitor can help you understand your position better and guide you on the best steps forward.

How long can you claim for a motorcycle accident?

In Glasgow, as a general rule, you have three years from the date of the accident to make a claim. If you fail to make a claim in time, your claim might be statute-barred, and you might lose the chance to make a claim. 

However, There Are Exceptions!

Under 16 at the Time: If you were under 16 when the accident happened, the three-year clock starts ticking from your 16th birthday. So, if the accident was when you were 15, you have until you turn 19 to make your claim.

Delayed Injury Recognition: There are instances where the injury might not manifest immediately, especially if they’re internal or related to mental health. In such situations, the three-year duration commences from the day you recognised or were diagnosed with the injury. 

Representative Claim: If an individual is unable to pursue a claim due to mental challenges, their appointed legal representative has the authority to act on their behalf. If a claim hasn’t been made and the affected individual regains their mental faculties, the three-year period starts from that moment of recovery.

Why Act Sooner Rather Than Later?

Evidence is Fresher: Over time, evidence can get lost, memories fade, and witnesses might be harder to track down. Starting your claim as soon as possible can help build a stronger case.

Speedier Medical Help: Claiming sooner can mean getting financial help faster for treatments or therapies you might need.

Peace of Mind: Sorting things sooner rather than later can be mentally relieving, helping you move on from the accident.

While three years might seem like a reasonable amount of time, it’s wise not to wait too long. If you are in Glasgow and are unsure of the time limits of your claim, we at Wallace Legal are just a call away. We will help you understand the timeline and guide you on the best next steps.