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Can I sue my school for an accident in Glasgow?

Yes, you can make a claim against your school in Glasgow for an accident if certain conditions are met. For a successful claim, it is necessary to establish that the school, or someone in the school, owed a duty of care to the student and that this duty was breached, leading to an injury. This could include accidents resulting from inadequate supervision, unsafe premises, or failure to maintain equipment or facilities.

In personal injury claims Glasgow against schools, you can claim compensation for various types of damages. This includes not only the general damages, such as physical and psychological pain suffered by the child, but also the special damages, such as financial expenses incurred due to the injury, such as medical bills or additional educational support needed.

Common types of personal injury claims against schools include accident involving playground equipment, sports-related accidents, trips or falls on school premises, and even food poisoning from school meals. It is important to note that schools and local authorities are expected to provide a safe environment for students, and failing to do so can be grounds for a school accident compensation claim.

How do you make a personal injury claim for compensation after an accident at school?

To make a personal injury claim for an accident at school compensation, follow these steps:

Report the Accident: First, report the accident to the school authorities. Ensure it is recorded in the school’s accident book.

Gather Evidence: Collect evidence related to the accident. This includes photographs of the accident site, witness statements, and medical reports detailing the injuries.

Seek Medical Attention: It is crucial to get medical treatment for the injured child. Medical records will be vital for the claim.

Consult a personal injury Solicitor: Contact No Win No Fee Solicitors Glasgow, who specialises in personal injury claims. They can guide you through the legal claim process and help determine if you have a valid claim.

Make the Claim: Your school accident solicitor will help prepare and submit the claim. This includes detailing the accident, the injuries sustained, and how the school was negligent.

Negotiate Settlement: Many personal injury claims are settled out of court. Your solicitor will negotiate with the school or its insurance company for a fair settlement.

Court Proceedings: If a settlement isn’t reached, the school accident claim may go to court; your solicitor will represent you throughout the proceedings.

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The charges for solicitors handling an Accident at School Claim can vary depending on several factors, including the complexity of the case and the solicitor’s fee structure. Typically, solicitors in the Glasgow offer a few different payment options for personal injury claims:

No Win No Fee: This is a common arrangement where you don’t pay any upfront fees. The solicitor will take a percentage of the compensation awarded if the School Injury Claim is successful. This percentage is usually capped and should be agreed upon before proceeding with the claim.

Fixed Fee: Some solicitors may offer a fixed fee for handling your case. This means you will pay a predetermined amount regardless of the outcome of the case.

Hourly Rate: In some cases, solicitors might charge an hourly rate for their services. This rate can vary based on the solicitor’s experience and the region.

Legal Expense Insurance: If you have legal expense insurance, either as a standalone policy or as part of another insurance policy, it may cover the cost of your solicitor’s fees.

Schools in Glasgow generally have insurance to cover injuries that occur on their premises or during school activities. This student accident insurance helps with costs after a student’s health insurance pays first. It covers physical injuries from school events and can include catastrophic event coverage for severe injuries. Claims are typically paid by insurance companies, local authorities, schools, or responsible individuals, depending on the accident’s circumstances. For specific guidance, legal professionals can provide tailored advice based on the accident’s details.​

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