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Wallace Legal extends a No Win No Fee policy. We carry out our operations under the CFA or the Conditional Fee Agreement. The Conditional Fee Agreement is a written contract that was established in 1998 to provide means of legal representation to individuals who are unable to afford it.

According to the no win no fee Scotland policy, you are not required to pay your solicitor until they win your case.  In the unfortunate case that your claim fails to meet the desired results, the financial cost and the solicitor’s legal fee would be waived off.  On the other hand, if your case is successful, you would be rewarded with the settlement amount, which is returned by the at-fault party. According to the CFA contract, the amount of money that you have to pay in legal fees is also limited. Your solicitor would be liable to collect a “success fee”, which is extracted from the compensation awarded for the claim.

With the no win no fee personal injury lawyers at Wallace Legal, you can pursue your case without concerning over the financial barriers.

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