Who Pays Personal Injury Claims in a Car Accident in Glasgow?

If you are involved in an auto accident in Glasgow and suffer injuries, one of your first thoughts might be who will cover your personal injury claim, especially if you encounter a situation where “my car was hit and their insurance won’t pay.”. Typically, it falls to the insurance provider (fault policy) of those responsible for covering these claims. We will explore more how this process works here as it relates to anyone making personal injury claims Glasgow due to such accidents in Glasgow.

What Is The Role Of Insurance Companies When It Comes To Injury Payouts Following Car Accidents?

Insurance companies play an essential role when it comes to car accidents in Glasgow. All drivers in Scotland must carry car insurance, with third-party coverage being mandatory. This covers damages caused by other people but does not protect drivers themselves or their own vehicles. Some more comprehensive policies might include coverage for their own damages as well as medical expenses.

After an accident occurs, insurance companies representing both parties will launch an investigation to ascertain who was at fault for it. If someone is found responsible, their insurer is usually held liable to pay compensation after car accident to an innocent party; thus, this policy is known as the ‘fault’ policy. However, some ‘no-fault’ policies still exist where each party’s insurer covers their own damages regardless of who caused the collision. In contrast, no-fault policies make claim processes faster but may lead to higher premiums (for both parties) overall.

If you have been injured in a car accident, the other driver’s insurance company might contact you and offer to make a settlement offer; before accepting any such offer, it would be prudent to consult a solicitor first in order to ensure that the amount covers all damages and future expenses related to your injuries. Insurance companies frequently make payouts before performing sufficient investigations into your injury and loss claim. However, while this offer may initially seem like an easy and quick solution to your issue, complications could arise later, which would increase the compensation amount you were entitled to; for example, you might require additional treatment that was not initially expected. Also, note that once you accept payment from an insurer, it will become harder to demand more compensation for car crash, so speak with a solicitor before accepting anything from them.

What Injuries Can You Claim For After a Car Accident?

After being involved in a car accident in Glasgow, you may be eligible to claim compensation car accident for various forms of injuries, such as physical, psychological, and even fatal in certain instances.

Physical Injuries:

Physical injuries may range in severity. Whiplash is a commonly experienced car accident neck injury that often leaves victims suffering pain and stiffness; more severe issues include spine, brain, and spinal cord damage that could potentially lead to long-term health concerns or paralysis. Broken bones are another serious possibility, which often takes several months or years for recovery; internal organ injuries affecting livers or kidneys require medical intervention immediately; even seemingly minor wounds like cuts, scrapes, or bruises could need medical care immediately.

Psychological Injuries:

After being involved in an auto accident, individuals can become fearful or anxious due to both physical injuries and internal effects. Some might experience bad dreams or be affected by post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD); others might feel saddened and worried more often than usual, and some might even fear driving or just entering cars. Sleepless nights could further exacerbate matters – making it hard for victims to return to feeling normal after such an event has taken place. It can take time before individuals return to feeling their usual selves after experiencing such emotions after such traumas.

Fatal Injuries:

If someone dies due to a car accident, their loved ones can claim compensation in their name; this will cover funeral costs as well as provide financial relief from future earnings lost and acknowledge any emotional trauma experienced as a result of losing someone close.

Every case varies, and the specific injuries you can claim will depend on what happened during an accident. Therefore, it’s essential that you seek professional legal advice so you understand exactly which benefits may apply to your specific circumstance.

How Much Compensation For a Glasgow Car Accident Could I Claim?

When it comes to collecting compensation following a car accident in Glasgow, the amount varies significantly due to differences in injury severity among victims. Your solicitor will use two forms of damages as a guideline when calculating how much money may be available: general damages and special damages.

General Damages:

Its General damages relate to injuries you received as the result of an accident, both physical and psychological. Furthermore, this also takes into account how these injuries have altered your lifestyle – for example, if they prevent you from doing things you used to enjoy doing before.

Special Damages:

Special damages exist to help compensate victims of accidents for all expenses they incurred as a result. This would include wages lost through inability to work, repair costs for damaged personal property or items and assistance services received, medical costs incurred from treatment, and travel costs to reach appointments.

The amount you can claim depends on how severe and impactful your injuries are and their effect on your life. Furthermore, how much money has been lost through an accident also plays a factor. For a clearer idea of what could make up your personal injury claim after car accident, it would be useful to speak to experts like our panel of ‘solicitors car accidents‘, who can help identify what can be claimed and estimate the amount you might get back.

The Average Payout For Car Accident:

For Achilles Injuries: If it is particularly severe, compensation could range between £38,340 and £30,090; serious cases might get between £24,490 and 30,090, while moderate injuries typically fall between £7,270 and £12,590.

An Ankle Injury: Compensation could range anywhere between £50,060 and£69,700 for very severe ankle injuries. A moderate-severe injury might earn between £13,740 and 50,060; any less serious traumas might even fetch as little as £13,740 in compensation.

Arm Injury: For serious arm injuries such as the loss of an arm, compensation could range between £96,160 and 300,000. A serious injury with multiple limitations might cost between £39,170 and 130,930, while for less severe accidents, it might range between £19200 and 39,170.

Back Injury: A severe back injury could cost between £38,780 and £160,980 in terms of lost earnings, while moderate injuries might amount to between £12,510 and £38,780, with smaller ones going as high as £12,510 in earnings potential.

Ear Injury: If the accident caused total hearing loss, compensation might range between £90,750 and £109,650. For moderate to severe injuries with total hearing loss in just one ear alone, compensation might range between £31,310 and 45,540; smaller injuries might fetch as much as £45,540 in compensation.

Elbow Injury: When dealing with a severe elbow injury that prevents normal movement, estimates range between £39,170 and £54,830 in compensation. Less serious cases might earn between £15,650 and 32,010, while smaller injuries could fetch as much as £12,590.

However, these are just examples, and your actual compensation could depend on several factors, including how seriously an injury has affected you and any expenses incurred as a result of it. Therefore, it’s wise to consult an expert if you are involved in a car accident to assess any possible claims that might exist against insurance providers.

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