How Much Can You Get For Personal Injury Claims?

Have you ever considered how much money you could claim if injured in an accident that wasn’t your responsibility? Personal injury claims Glasgow provide you with compensation for injuries sustained in accidents and the difficulties they cause. However, how much you get depends on a variety of factors, including what kind of injury it is and its severity as well as duration in affecting daily living activities – we will discuss these in-depth in this article to ascertain the role of various factors in deciding how much monetary compensation you get in your personal injury claim.

What is included when calculating a Personal Injury Compensation claim?

As part of determining a fair compensation amount for your personal injury claim, we consider all harm and injuries caused by the accident; this is known as the ‘quantum of damages’ in legal terms.

Personal injury cases consist of two main components. The first, known as general damages, covers pain and suffering associated with your injury, while special damages cover any additional costs or damages experienced, such as medical bills or income lost from not being able to work.

General Damages Personal Injury Compensation:

Those injured in accidents that were not their responsibility may seek “general damages compensation”, designed to cover both physical and emotional pain caused by an accident and its impact on their lives.

The car accident claim amount available to an injured party depends on the injuries, their extent and severity, and how they’ve altered their life over time. Unfortunately, every accident and injury case differs, and therefore, no set figure covers every possible scenario.

As an indication of what might be expected, the Judicial College Guidelines provide a personal injury payout guide which details various injuries and the general amount that would likely be awarded per type. However, keep in mind these are only guidelines; actual compensation claim amounts can differ depending on each case’s details.

Personal Injury Special Damages Compensation:

Special damages refer to costs related to an accident that are beyond general damages; unlike general compensation for pain and suffering, special damages cover specific items which cost money. Examples might be medical bills, replacing the damaged property with similar ones and any lost wages caused by injuries sustained – the goal is to recover money that had to be spent or lost because of it all. Special damages serve to compensate people for what has been spent/lost as a result of being involved in an accident.

Examples Of Special Damages:

Loss of Earnings Compensation:

Loss of earnings is one form of special damages available in personal injury cases. If someone gets hurt and must miss work as a result of their accident, they could lose money by not receiving their usual paycheck.

Compensation for lost earnings refers to financial assistance to compensate for missed paychecks due to injuries. This money may help cover bills and expenses while they take time off for recovery – helping ensure an accident doesn’t devastate their lives further than necessary.

Impact On Ability to Work:

After being involved in an accident, even those who can return to work might not be able to contribute as they used to at their job. Their injuries might still require healing time, and because of that, fewer hours or easier tasks must be undertaken – this may even negatively impact future opportunities such as promotions or raises.

When someone’s ability to work is severely affected, they can make a claim for compensation for special damages. This allows them to get money to help make up the difference in salary or opportunities they missed as a result of an accident, helping them adjust while they regain their footing with new alterations caused by the accident.

Cost of care & treatment:

After an accident, those involved often need medical care that needs to be maintained over an extended period. While some care might be covered by the NHS, there might be a need for additional treatments that cost extra; such as extra exercises with a physiotherapist or visiting specialists that don’t fall under NHS coverage.

When someone claims for compensation due to special damages, they can include the cost of additional medical care in their claim. That way, they can access the treatment they require without worrying about how to afford it and focus on their recovery without burdensome bills hanging over their head.

Cost of Transport or Travel Expenses:

Once injured in an accident, getting around can become more burdensome. Your body might no longer allow you to drive or move as easily, making everyday tasks challenging and possibly making travel arrangements for appointments such as physical therapy or chiropractic services more complicated.

Due to your accident, it may become necessary for you to use more expensive modes of transport (taxis, for instance) than usual to reach medical appointments and recover. By making a special damages claim and claiming for such travel expenses as part of your treatment costs claim, it can ensure you are not suffering financially just trying to heal from injuries inflicted upon yourself by someone else and ensure the accident doesn’t add an unnecessary financial strain into the mix.

Replacing and/or Repairing Lost and Damaged Items:

Accidents can render many of our belongings useless or require replacement costs; such as a phone breaking from falling, clothing torn in an automobile collision and so forth. When this occurs, fixing or replacing these items might become necessary – this could cost money in repairs.

Special damages in a compensation claim may help cover these costs, such as replacing or fixing damaged belongings. By making this kind of claim, special damages allow victims to avoid having additional expenses related to replacing these things on top of dealing with their injuries; it helps ensure you won’t end up out-of-pocket because of an accident.

Personal Injury Compensation Chart:

Injury to Elbows: Serious elbow injuries could fetch between £34,340 to 48,080, while minor ones might only cost up to £11,040 in payments.

Hand Injuries: Loss of both hands could result in compensation between £123,310 and £176,660, while severe injuries affecting one hand could fetch between £84,310 and £96,150.

Leg Injuries: Losing both legs could bring in between £211,150 and £247,280 in compensation while minor leg injuries might yield between £15,750 and 24,340 for treatment costs.

Knee Injuries: Serious knee injuries could garner between £22,960 to 84,360, while less serious ones may only yield compensation of £12050 in awards.

Ankle Injuries: Extreme ankle injuries could cost between £43,900 and £61,110 while more minor ones might only reach up to £12,050 in compensation.

Achilles Tendon Injuries: Serious injuries in this area might cost around £33,700 with minor ones possibly reaching between £6,380 and £11,040 as compensation.

Foot Injuries: Loss of both feet could cost anywhere between £148,540 and £176,660 in compensation payments; serious foot injuries might range between £21,910 and 34,370.

Toe Injuries: Losing all toes could result in compensation payments between £32,020 and 49,180, while serious toe injuries might amount to between £8,480 and 12,550 (excluding any potential disability awards or payments from insurance providers).

Brain and Head Injury Claims: Severe brain damage may warrant between £247,280 to £354,260 in compensation payments, while mild injuries might amount to £1,940 to 11,200.

Epilepsy: Established Grand Mal epilepsy could fetch between £89,450 and £131,620, while other epileptic conditions could range between £9,330 and 23,050 in compensation.

Psychological and Psychiatric Damage: Damage in this area could cost between £48,080 and £101,470. Minor damages might range between £1,350 to 5,130.

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder: Severe PTSD may cost between £52,490 and £88,270 in compensation, while minor forms may range between £3,460 and £7,170.

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