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Claim Compensation For Your Taxi Accident Injuries


The number of car accidents in Scotland has increased over the years. According to Transport Scotland’s Key Reported Road Casualties in Scotland 2019, there was a significant seven per cent rise in fatal accidents since the previous year.

However, if you are involved in a taxiaccident, which was caused by the negligence of another driver, you can submit a taxi accident compensation claim to receive financial compensation. Taxi accident claims cover the cost of your medical treatment, as well as providing you with financial compensation for the days of absences taken from work. Wallace Legal presents you with a panel of experienced taxi accident lawyers, who can assist with the legal processes involved in submitting a claim. Our team employ an assiduous approach, thus ensuring you receive the maximum amount of compensation.


Taxi accident claims are made after encountering an injury. These claims are offered to protect the financial interests of car drivers, motorcycle riders, pedestrians, passengers, and cyclists. If you have experienced a Taxi accident injury, which was caused by a third party’s negligence, get in touch with Wallace Legal. We have a team of trained solicitors, who have specialised in providing assistance with resolving Taxi accident claims.

We have a team of trained personal injury experts who can assist you in making a taxi accident compensation claim. Our years of experience have honed our skills and have enabled us to provide a superior service. If you have suffered injury due to a car accident, you can reach out to our experts to acquire free legal guidance.

Making a successful personal injury claim requires gathering evidence in relation to the accident, employing professional services can be extremely advantageous. In the case of a taxi accident, you are required to submit evidence that highlights the negligence of the at fault party. Taxi accident lawyers can assist you with evidence collection by collecting video footage (if any), interviewing witnesses and more. At Wallace Legal, you can benefit from the following services:

  • No Win No Fee Taxi Accident Claims
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Taxi Accident Claims

Taxi accidents often occur due to the negligence of another vehicle and/or partially by the driver of your taxi.  If you have suffered from a Taxi accident injury, reach out to Wallace Legal for assistance, as you could be entitled to compensation. Our team have handled numerous taxi accident claims, providing them with the experience to proficiently take on your case.

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