Who is at Fault when you get Rear Ended?

Who Is At Fault When You Get Rear Ended?

When you’re shaken after a car crash, you don’t know where to get help from. You start wondering, “Who is at fault when you get rear-ended?“. However, most victims overburden themselves to go through the necessary steps to achieve a reasonable payment. Meanwhile, road traffic accidents make it difficult to determine who is to blame. So, you must identify the guilty party if someone hits you from behind. Most importantly, an expert solicitor can help you at all times. 

What is a rear-end accident? 

A rear-end collision occurs when two vehicles crash. An automobile in front of you may halt, like at a traffic light or a crossroads. Besides, drivers’ lack of focus or travelling too close cause these accidents. Consequently, getting rear-ended can cause a “domino effect.” 

What are the causes of rear-end collisions? 

Generally, the prevalent causes of rear-end collisions are as follows: 

  • not maintaining a safe space or distance among cars 
  • overtaking 
  • over speeding 
  • drunk or distracted driving. 
  • faulty brakes or head lights. 

Evidence to determine a rear-end collision fault 

In the case of rear-end accident, there are things you may do to determine fault. For instance, you may gather proof, such as: 

  • take pictures of car damage and visible injuries to you or your passengers. 
  • gather witness information to support your claim. 
  • get medical attention as soon as possible. 

Also, other evidence that can back up your claim includes: 

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When is a rear-end collision not your fault? – if you are the back driver. 

In most cases, the driver in the back is to blame for a rear-end collision. Driving too closely behind another vehicle increases the risk. Two seconds of stopping distance should be there between the vehicles. Similarly, clients ask if I rear-ended someone who stopped suddenly; was I to blame? Moreover, in bad weather, this distance should be increase by at least twofold.  

Also, overtaking is the most common cause for rear-end collision. If you were the leading automobile and the following car was tailgating you, the following car was probably at fault. 

Who is at fault when you get rear-ended? – if you are the lead driver. 

There may also be cases where it is challenging for you to determine who is to blame. For example, you are second in line at a T-junction and both you and the car in front are turning left. You and the car in front of you have plenty of time to merge. Thus, your attention directs to the right rather than the front. But then the car stops, either because the driver stalled or because he chose not to go. In this case, you’ll likely be accountable for the accident and pay for the compensation. Therefore, rear-ended drivers can make a claim at any time. 

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