When is a Rear End Collision not your Fault?

When Is A Rear End Collision Not Your Fault?

In general, if you are driving and hit the back of another vehicle, it is your fault and you cannot claim compensation from anyone. This law seems to be widely accepted. Contrarily, people who have been rear-ended believe the accident was not their fault because the driver in front of them stopped abruptly. As a result, it is hard to determine fault. However, in most cases, someone has been negligent. For more information on when is a rear-end collision not your fault, read our article.  

When is a rear-end collision not your fault? – Determining liability. 

Determining blame in a road traffic accident is very essential for making a claim. Whether the other driver was recklessly driving, over-speeding, or simply not checking their mirrors before moving. And if their negligence contributed to the collision and your injuries, you can get compensation for it. Thus, you need to provide proper evidence that proves the fault of the other party in order to cover your damages.  

When is a rear-end collision not your fault? – Gathering evidence. 

Always gather the required information at the scene of the accident to make a claim afterwards. Most importantly, before leaving the location, gather the following information: 

  • The other driver’s contact information 
  • contact details of the witnesses to the accident. 
  • The car insurance company of the other driver 
  • the model, number and color of the other car 
  • The contact information of the responding police officer 

If a car stops abruptly and you hit it, is it your fault? 

A rear-end collision may cause everyone to assume that you are at fault. Nevertheless, being the back driver doesn’t make you accountable. There are situations when you can be the back driver and not be guilty of any crashes. 

For example, among the causes of when is a rear-end collision not your fault UK are: 

  • The forward driver stops abruptly. 
  • The brakes on the back driver’s car aren’t working. 
  • The leading vehicle’s tail or brake lights are broken. 
  • The lead driver turns immediately in front of the back driver. 

Hence, if you believe you did not cause an accident, contact the best solicitors for you at Wallace Legal. 

I got rear-ended, how much money will I get? 

If you think that the other driver was at fault in a minor rear-end collision, don’t accept the other driver’s version of events. Furthermore, accepting a settlement isn’t always the best option if you aren’t at fault. Likewise, always fight against the other party if you think your injuries were due to their negligence. Consequently, you may claim for loss of earnings too, if you missed work due to the accident.  

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