Hit And Run Car

What To Do When You Are Involved In A Hit And Run Car Accident

Hit and run are a common occurrence in many accident cases. Most drivers try to escape the responsibility that comes with car accidents, even when they are the cause for it, while others flee the scene due to sheer panic. Another common reason for a hit and run is when the driver is either uninsured or unlicensed. It can be harder to gain compensation in either case. However, if you are injured in a hit and run car accident in the UK, you can consult car accident solicitors in Glasgow, who will guide you through the claim.

All you need to be aware of are your rights and how you need to handle the situation. Even though hit and run accident claims can be hard to get around, but with the right lawyer, you can get the compensation you deserve.

What Is A Hit And Run Accident

A hit and run accident is when the driver responsible for the accident drives away from the scene of the accident without taking responsibility, providing insurance details or any contact information. This action is considered a criminal activity, according to UK law, and poses a heavy punishment for the criminal.

Most of the hit-and-run car accidents are often spontaneous, along with the reaction of the driver. They don’t plan to flee the scene in advance, except they try to escape unnecessary prosecution for their careless and dangerous driving. Hit and run cases often involve uninsured drivers at fault, as the financial implications could be massive without insurance. The avoidance of this financial liability and prosecution can cause people to take this step without considering the ramifications on the other person.

What To Do After Being In A Hit And Run Accident

A driver hitting you and then running away from the scene is promising evidence suggesting you were not responsible. If not, there are still ways you can prove that you were not the cause of the accident and gain compensation even if the driver flees from the scene.

One of the ways is to get the help of the eyewitnesses who were present and saw the accident first hand. If anyone there saw the license plate number of the car that is even better. In any case, make sure to gather all the information of the witnesses who are willing to testify.

Other than that, security cameras are installed all over the UK, and it is possible that one of those cameras caught what happened. Checking the recordings by reaching out to the proper authorities will help you prove the hit and run accident. As a person in the accident, you have the right to access the footage and get its copy, so exercise that right to strengthen your claim.

Capturing the scene of the accident is equally essential. Get your own photographs for a record, including the shots of the spot where the accident occurred, surrounding areas, your injuries as well as the damage to any of your properties. Compensation of the damage to your car, electronics or any other valuable items is all included in the claim.

Making A Hit And Run Claim

Consulting a personal injury solicitor to make a claim is the best choice to ensure that you get compensated for all the damage. Their duty is to take on all the formalities of making a claim on your behalf.

At Wallace Legal, personal injury solicitors provide the best consultation for your case and provide you guidance on how to handle this situation. We also don’t charge clients any fee in the case where they are not compensated.

Lawyers have the ability to can change the whole dynamic of making a claim as they take up every responsibility saving you from the trouble of going through the whole process by yourself. They will do the complete paperwork for you, including putting together the evidence, submitting your claim and making sure it is done within the statute of limitations. An expert solicitor would know the compensation you are entitled to based on your circumstances. They will not only get you compensated for any physical injuries or damage but will also try to get you compensated for the mental trauma you encountered because of the accident.

If you ever encounter a hit and run accident, make sure to follow this process so that you can get compensated fairly. Finding a good and experienced solicitor will also work in your favour since they are the ones responsible for the compensation you receive.