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What should you do after being bitten by a dog?

Unfortunately, dog bites are a prevalent injury people experience in Scotland. Even friendly household pets bite and can cause serious injury. The concerned authorities in Scotland impose strict liability on both pet and stray dogs. However, there may be exceptions to this law depending on the circumstances when claiming compensation for injuries. For this reason, you must contact an experienced accident lawyer in Scotland to deal with your dog bite claim.

Steps to follow after being bitten by a dog

Getting medical help first

After being bitten by a dog, you must seek medical help first. Even the slightest bump, cut, or bruise can turn into a severe injury if you neglect it by not getting proper medical care. So, you need to see a medical professional or go to the emergency immediately to receive care and treatment. In addition to taking care of your injuries, having a medical history of injuries after the dog bite accident is beneficial.

Finding out who owns the dog

Next, you need to find out who owns the dog. Only the dog’s owner can inform you about the vaccination history. This approach will help you obtain any relevant information your doctor or hospital may need for their medical record. Besides, the dog’s owner is likely to be responsible for their pet’s actions. Thus, knowing who the owner is will make your compensation claim strong.

Contacting an experienced lawyer

Contacting an experienced dog bite lawyer is the very next step you need to take. Not all lawyers dealing in dog bite claims cases in Scotland offer a free consultation. However, Wallace Legal does. You can contact us and schedule an appointment, at no cost to you, to have your preliminary questions answered as soon as possible.

When an insurance company contacts you

More than likely, a dog owner has homeowners insurance, under which their dog may be covered. If the dog has bitten you, the insurance company may contact you immediately after the accident. If this happens, do not panic.

The insurance firm may ask you a few questions concerning your dog bite claim, such as the incident’s time, date, and location. The insurer will try to acquire as much information as possible. In this case, you are not required to discuss your accident details with the insurer without your lawyer’s involvement. Be sure to write down the insurance firm’s name, contact number, claim number, and their office address for you and your lawyer records.

It is never a wise approach if you go against the insurance company on your own. Naturally, insurance companies are more likely to pay as little money as possible to protect their client (the dog owner). Therefore, you need to have an experienced legal representative. Without a qualified lawyer, you may not stand a chance against the insurance company. The sooner you call, the sooner you can equip yourself with the defence you need.

Kind of compensation you can receive after a dog bite accident

A victim of dog bite can seek various kinds of compensation for different expenses related to injuries they suffered. A reliable and experienced lawyer can help you receive payment for all your healthcare treatment invoices. Besides, you can even cover your future ongoing medical expenses in case of severe injuries. This could include physical or occupational therapy, rehabilitation services, or the projected cost of more healthcare check-ups.

You may lose your wages or even the job when you take time off to care for your dog bite injuries. When you are unable to work due to injury, you and your loved ones may experience financial hardship. Therefore, your lawyer will help you get you compensation for lost wages. So, you don’t have to be scared of paying your bills or putting food on the table while you rehab.

Contact Wallace Legal today to schedule a free consultation

If you have been injured in a dog bite, you must seek medical attention first. Next, the second most crucial step is to contact Wallace Legal to hire an experienced dog bite claim lawyer in Scotland. Our expert lawyer will get you the compensation amount you deserve based on concrete evidence, just like they did in hundreds of prior cases.