Personal Injury Claim

What Complications Can Arise In A Personal Injury Claim

Many times we find ourselves in the middle of unfortunate circumstances that we need to take legal action. In cases where you have suffered an injury, you can claim compensation. To get this done without any difficulties, you must hire personal injury solicitors in Edinburgh. A regular lawyer or a bureau advisor might not be able to help you take care of the case. There are certain things that you must keep in your mind to ensure proper and timely compensation.

The Time Limit

There is a specific time limit for a personal injury claim. You must not make any delays and procrastinate the proceedings as it can be problematic for you. Among all the personal injury claims, the most common is medical negligence. A medical negligence claim should be submitted within three years of the time you first came to know about your injuries.

However, for some other claims, the time limit is lesser than three years, which your solicitor can guide you about.

Another case is when adults bring up the cases of being abused as a child in civil court. Adults who have suffered abuse as children can submit personal injury claims for damages. There is no specified time limit for these cases, but it’s advisable to connect with a legal representative. Hence, that they can guide you about what action you should take.

Fee For Legal Action

In matters of personal injury, legal action can be rather expensive. It can cost you a lot of money, and there is always a chance of being unsuccessful. For your ease, there are specific options that can be useful for your circumstances.

  1. Legal Advice And Assistance

In some cases, people are eligible to ask for legal aid and assistance, which varies from situation to situation. For instance, if someone has suffered from an injury and has a temporary loss of income or is self-employed, they can ask for legal aid.

  1. A Fee Arrangement

When working with solicitors, you also have the option to go with a no win, no fee agreement. In these cases, your payment to the solicitor depends on the result of the win. If you win, they get a percentage of your compensations. If you lose, they don’t charge you anything.

  1. Claims Management Company

Claims Management Companies also work like a no win, no fee arrangement. A claim management company is not typically a solicitor, which means that they might not be able to get you compensation through a court. To ensure consumer protection, claims management companies in Scotland are registered with Financial Conduct Authority. This means that all consumers get treated fairly.

Some other ways to pay for legal action include:

  • Insurance policy- Almost everyone has insurance policies that include house insurance, car insurance, travel policies, and health insurance. These policies also have some legal expenses covered.
  • Trade Union- Trade Union can help people cover legal costs if the injury happened in their place of work.
  • Motoring Organisations- There are organisations such as the AA or RAC. They can help out their members with covering their costs by providing free legal advice. This is useful if a road accident was a cause of their injuries.

Effect Of Personal Injury Compensation On Benefits

There are specific impacts associated with your interim payment of the compensation. Your entitlement to benefits will be affected by compensation payment as well as interim payments. Suppose you are eligible for a personal injury claim and you receive certain benefits. In that case, other parties must repay the Department for Work and Pensions, which is then deducted from your payment. The reason behind this is to avoid having people paid twice for the same injuries. It only applies when people have been compensated for lost earnings, mobility, and care costs. It is not applicable for compensation associated with criminal injuries.

Financial Problems Caused By Personal Injury

It is evident that people who have been in the middle of personal injuries are likely to suffer from financial problems. The medical costs and loss of work, and salary deductions do not make it easy to make ends meet. If you experience financial difficulties due to a personal injury, you should consult a specialist advisor from the Citizens Advice Bureau.

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