Workplace Accident

What Classifies As A Workplace Accident

The employees of an organisation are owed a certain duty of care by their employers at the workplace. The duty of care encompasses the obligation of employers to look after the health and safety of their employees. If an employee happens to trip over a loose wire or contracts a disease due to hazardous chemicals, it classifies as a workplace accident. Any injury or illness suffered at the workplace due to the employer’s negligence qualifies for a workplace accident claim. You may be able to gain compensation if you can prove that they were negligent in their actions. 

Employers have a strict code to adhere to in the case of protecting their employees in the workplace. There are many different industries, each with its own duty of care but some of the most common practices involve appropriate health and safety training, providing protective equipment, regular machine maintenance, and displaying proper hazard warning signs.

Here are some of the common causes of workplace accidents that may result from the negligence of duty of care owed by your employer.

  1. Falling From Heights

There are certain professions that come along with the risk of getting injured. Window cleaners and construction workers are on top of the list as the risk involved with their line of work is tremendous. They can fall from a height and sustain many injuries if they are not provided with proper health and safety equipment. Hard hats, harnesses and safety railings should be requirement for every job that comes with a risk of falling.

It is compulsory for every employer to provide personal protective equipment for their employee’s safety. Employers are required to adhere to a strict code to ensure that their employees are safe while working at a height. They are required to make sure that all the surfaces up there are dry, sturdy and obstacle-free, along with ensuring that the equipment and machinery are in their best working order.

If you sustain any injury that you believe is because of workplace negligence, make sure to consult a lawyer. They can guide you through the process of making a claim against your workplace and give you an estimate on the compensation.

  1. Trip And Slip Accidents

These are accidents that can occur in any workplace, whether at the office or the construction site. Tripping over things can be considered human nature, but they do result from negligence. Trip and slip are often caused by wet floors, poor lighting, loose cables or uneven surfaces. It is your employer’s duty to minimise the risk of such accidents.

Your employers are obliged to provide a safe workplace, including cleaning up spills and having clear hazard signs indicating the wet floor. They should also maintain a clean and tidy workplace without any loose cable flailing around and ensure that the area is well lit with even flooring.

However, if they fail to do so and you sustain an injury from any of the causes mentioned above, you are eligible to make a workplace accident claim. With the help of a lawyer, you can analyse your injury, gather the evidence and start the process of making a claim for maximum compensation.

  1. Manual Handling Injury

One of the most common types of injury sustained by employees is due to manual handling. There are estimations that over a third of workplace injuries are caused by manual handling. Injury or damage caused to joints or soft tissues in the limbs and back is known as Musculoskeletal Disorder. This is a direct result of manual handling that includes getting into awkward postures to lift heavy objects or repetitive movement of legs, arms or back.

Although this seems inevitable for people who have jobs that require manual handlining, there are still ways an employer can ensure your safety before allowing you to do the job. They can conduct risk assessments associated with manual handling, implement measures that will minimise the heavy lifting, such as conveyors or trucks, and conduct training sessions that will guide the employees through the safest way to conduct the task.

If you sustain an injury from workplace negligence, you can make a claim against your employer to make sure you get compensation for your distress.

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