What Can I Claim For In Personal Injury?

Injuries and illnesses can be very devastating and a cause of extreme stress. It gets even worse if this is caused by someone else’s negligence. Fortunately, the law gives the right to every citizen to get compensated by the party who has caused damages. Following a personal injury, you may have the right to claim for pain and suffering, along with loss of earnings or future loss of income. Additionally, the party who has suffered also has the option to claim for expenses they experience as a result of the injury, which includes; travel expenses, help and care provided by family, additional equipment bought, damaged clothing or gadgets, and any service or good purchased that is relevant to the case.

Pain and Suffering From Personal Injury

Any person that has sustained injuries may have the right to submit a claim for compensation. These claims can be made for minor physical injuries like scarring, bruises, or lacerations to major issues like disfigurement or even broken bones. The amount of compensation, however, you receive depends on the severity of your injuries and the subsequent sufferings.

At Wallace Legal, we will evaluate the value of your claim for pain and suffering by going through the medical report you received from the medical professional. These are the three broad factors taken into account while assessing the level of compensation:

  • The seriousness of the injury
  • The consequences this injury has caused; long term pain or permanent disability
  • The impact this injury has on your overall life.

Claims For Loss Of Earnings

You’ll definitely get off from work after sustaining injuries. Taking time off from work will result in a loss of income because, practically speaking, no organisation would want to pay you in full for a long time while you’re providing any input. Thankfully, you can recover all losses of earnings, too. The claim for loss of earnings takes into account the take-home amount and not your gross income. What’s even better is the fact that there are no taxes attached to the compensation money you receive from personal injury claims.

Generally, the claim for loss of earnings you make depends on the average take-home salary during the three-month duration before the incident. To save yourself from all the hassle and intricacies of legal matters, you can get connected with Wallace Legal, and guarantee your chances of winning the compensation money.

Our injury solicitors in Edinburgh working on your case will get the schedule of earnings from your employer, but you will also be required to retain the payslips before the accident and for the period of absence. This will allow us to check them against the information your employer provides.

Other Expenses You Can Recover As Part Of Your Claim

Damage To Clothing And Personal Things

You also reserve the right to make a claim for clothing and personal assets like dentures, spectacles, gadgets, and other things. The best approach is to retain the damaged items because the insurance company will inspect them. Furthermore, it is also very important that you keep safe all the receipts for damaged and replaced items.

Travel Expenses

All travel and conveyance expenses incurred as a direct result of the incident you suffered can be compensated. This includes taxi fares and prescription charges as well. If, for instance, you’re making a road accident claim, there’s a high probability that your own car is damaged. Due to this, you are renting or purchasing another car for your treatment purposes. This cost can also be claimed. That being said, you should inform the solicitor working on your case well before you decide to hire a replacement vehicle. Just like all other cases, you should keep all receipts safe for all the expenditures you want to claim.

Help and Care Provided By Family Members and Friends In many personal injury cases, people are looked after by their relatives and other family members. The law also gives space to victims to get compensated for all the expenses their friends and family members have incurred in this hard time. However, you need to ensure you maintain a written record of all the services you received from your closed ones to make the process of calculating the level of compensation easier.