Uninsured Loss Recovery Solicitors

Uninsured Loss Recovery Solicitors in Scotland

Every year in Scotland, a great number of people get injured by accidents which are not their fault. No matter where you are, accidents can occur anywhere. Nevertheless, they frequently result in extreme expenses or should we say uninsured losses. The majority of these can be recovered by making a claim against the other party. However, even the broadest insurance policy will not cover all of the costs associated with a car accident. Even if the accident was not your fault, there are probably to be expenditures that your insurer would not cover. Therefore, for you to not face such a situation, our uninsured loss recovery solicitors are deeply concerned about their customers’ long-term financial and health well-being. 

What are uninsured losses 

Although, a legal loss recovery is not the same as uninsured loss recovery. Generally, accidents that aren’t your fault are part of uninsured loss recovery. But, the accidents which are your fault are covered by legal costs. And, if you’re accused, it basically includes the price of going to court as well. Nevertheless, an uninsured loss recovery is the best case, only if you’re the one who’s claiming.  

List of uninsured losses 

Damages that your insurance policy does not reimburse are the uninsured losses. They can include both financial as well as physical injury losses. Uninsured losses recovered from a negligent driver’s insurer include: 

  • Uninsured losses car accident causes to the vehicle i.e. the repair and maintenance 
  • Car Rental Fees 
  • Reduction in vehicle usage 
  • Expenses of road recovery and storage. 

How to Claim Uninsured Losses by uninsured loss recovery solicitors 

You always need proof to back up your claim. Based on the loss, information may include receipts, invoices, replacement estimates, and photographs of damaged objects. Our advice is to keep track of any losses or damages. To get a help knowing how much compensation you can get, you can use our personal injury compensation calculator.  

Considering there are no two claims alike, it’s difficult to give you a precise timeline. However, responsibility for the other party’s insurance will depend on whether the insurer accepts it. Despite all this, our best uninsured loss recovery solicitors in Scotland will strive to resolve your claim as fast as possible and keep you informed of its progress. 

Best uninsured loss recovery solicitors in Scotland

We, at Wallace Legal, strive to provide the best services. The first step in making a claim is to educate you on what you can claim and what documentation you’ll need to support your claim. We subsequently work hard to ensure that the laws in place to protect you play their part and that you receive a fair compensation. We understand the stress of loss of earnings and the challenges that come with accidents. Therefore, we work hard to make the process of making a claim as straightforward as possible. The best feature is that we run on a No-Win No-Fee plan for uninsured loss recovery. Contact us right away to instantly make your claims! 

We reclaim damages caused by situations involving our clients’ property or vehicles.  Our legal staff commits to making you win and that too, in an affordable cost. Our clients include multinational corporations, SMEs, and government agencies in their claims. Moreover, we also provide a variety of favorable payment alternatives, to maximize results.