The Common cause of Medical Negligence Claims

The UK maintains one of the best healthcare services globally, with the government constantly striving to strengthen the framework by delivering all the best amenities to its residents and supporting hospitals. Given all this care and consideration, the NHS sets together billions of pounds from its budget each year to address medical negligence claims.

The first thing you do, whenever you suffer an injury, is getting the appropriate care from reliable healthcare professionals. You go to the hospital knowing that all the health workers care for your best interests and they would make sure that all your concerns are addressed. In most situations, this is valid, but there are a few situations where incompetence dominates the legal requirements. There are quite a few cases of incidents per year where physicians and technicians end up causing damage rather than treating their patients.

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Different variables cause such accidents in a medical negligence claim. Let’s discuss some of the most prominent ones in this blog.

Delay in treatment

While the NHS has been trying to change its procedures, there are still many pending cases, and the waiting times have changed. These delayed cases are one of the key sources of charges of medical neglect. Not tending to a sick patient or avoiding any patient’s care adds to the worsening of the condition.

As a result, the patient tends to get more unhealthy and there are also casualties in certain situations. A multitude of studies illustrate how patients have to wait several weeks, or even months, for incredibly debilitating symptoms to be operated on.

 In addition, in maternity wards, delays are also encountered. The adverse thing about medical complications is that even a few hours of postponed care will make a huge difference to the health of the patient.

Wrong diagnosis

The misdiagnosis leads to wrong treatment, which can worsen the conditions of the patient. Treatment for a condition that has been poorly diagnosed would likely hinder the healing process, leading to further complications instead of progress.

There has been a wide variety of cases of misdiagnosis in the UK, where specialists and doctors were unable to identify the main cause of the problem, or it was too late when they did.

In addition to putting the life of a patient at great risk, the misdiagnosis has a major effect on the mental health of the individual, leaving them in extreme discomfort and stress. Regrettably, even the most skilled and competent physicians are found to make these mistakes, mostly because they are operating on a strict timetable while coping with multiple instances at once, and so they tend to forget things.

Giving the wrong medications

Wrong medications are another common form of medical incompetence, one that should never happen. There are too many occasions where either too many medications have been administered to patients or an entirely incorrect drug has been administered for their illness; all these variables will lead to disastrous effects. There have been examples of people visiting the doctor for mild discomfort, and their levels of painkillers intensely increase, leading to extreme illnesses and even death. All this is because of the medical staff’s incompetence.

Negligence in the emergency ward or anaesthesia issues

When patients visit an emergency department or receive a surgery that needs anaesthesia, the medical team must know all the patient’s medical history and take care of each move they make. Significant health complications, and even deaths, can result from a slight error in the administration of the amount of anaesthesia. Likewise, inappropriate emergency room protocols will trigger disastrous consequences. Sadly, this aspect has also been widespread in the UK’s hospitals and clinics.

Surgical issues

It is fair to assume that any accident that happens in the operating room is almost unintentional. These faults, however, are still known as incompetence. There are several occasions where surgical equipment was left in the body before sewing it up, or the surgeons unintentionally worked on the wrong area.

In the UK, all the cases listed above are very common. If you have witnessed such wrongdoing, which has contributed to your pain or suffering, know that you have the right to submit a claim against them and to obtain financial compensation.

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