Steps to take during and after a road accident

What should you do during a traffic accident? The reason behind addressing this question is that many people make this query to Google on a daily basis. Nevertheless, remember that Google and other search engines do not always offer the best information available. Therefore, it is essential to dive between the different waves of information until finding a criterion that makes sense both from a medical and rehabilitation and legal perspectives.

To answer the question at hand: What should you do during a traffic accident? In this blog, we outline the prudent steps to apply when you are involved in or affected by a car accident. Our road accident claims lawyers in Scotland areexperts in traffic laws. Thus, we have to see many people on a daily basis, our clients, who are victims of car accidents and medical negligence. Our lawyers’ experience, legal and technical knowledge, and proximity to rehabilitation clinics enable us to answer that question.

You should do the following during a car accident

  1. STOP. Never leave the accident scene, even if it is a minor one.
  2. PROTECT THE SCENE. Try not to alter anything on the accident spot for its correct interpretation.
  3. CALL THE POLICE. Call the police because the sooner you call, the less your responsibility will be, as the police will assume it upon arrival.
  4. MAKE AN EXACT RECORD of what happened, when, how, and in what order. This approach will help you reconstruct the accident.
  5. TAKE PHOTOGRAPHS when possible.
  6. ACCUMULATE INFORMATION, including name, telephone… of those involved to give it to the police.
  7. REPORT THE ACCIDENT to the insurance firm.
  8. SEEK MEDICAL CARE. It is essential even if you do not feel pain or injury.
  9. KEEP A FILE CONTAINING INFORMATION ABOUT THE ENTIRE ACCIDENT… Photos, parts, documents, data… They can be valuable later.
  10. CONSULT WITH AN EXPERIENCED LAWYER SPECIALIST IN TRAFFIC ACCIDENTS. Protecting your compensation rights is essential.

When you take the last step by consulting with a lawyer, the insurance firm quickly contacts you. Remember that the insurer may try to curtail as much as possible the time that elapses between the accident and the insurer-victim conversation.

What you say in that conversation will depend much on the success or otherwise of a compensation claim according to your physical and property damage. Therefore, we advise that talking to your law firm specialising in traffic accidents is essential.

You should do the following after a car accident

Wasting your valuable time can go against your health and prospects of success when submitting a compensation claim for a car accident.

There are prescribed deadlines. Also, you may take the wrong steps for not being advised from the first minute, and you may stop doing things that will later help you receive compensation. Therefore, the best approach is to talk to a road accident claim specialist:

We advise you that after an accident, go immediately to seek medical attention for a general check-up to determine injury symptoms. Besides, you need to collect all the information from the doctor and communicate with a legal team specialised in traffic law.

Don’t take wrong steps

Prudence advises not to take wrong steps. Indeed, you will keep your compensation aspirations at the highest. Therefore, delaying the consultation with an experienced lawyer or a firm specialising in traffic law is not a prudent measure. The most sensible thing is to put the case in the hands of legal and medical specialists.

The best firms specialising in road accidents cover all the needs of the victims. They provide them with the legal guarantees they need and, by agreement with the best rehabilitation clinics, medical ones. The insurer will assume the cost of both legal and medical services through negotiation.

Hire Wallace Legal for expert advice

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