Slipping on Ice Injuries

Slipping on Ice Injuries 

Slips, trips, and falls on ice happen to everyone who lives in or visits a snowy state. Even with expertise, slipping on ice might be unexpected. But how can you know when someone else is to blame for your fall? You may not realize it immediately after your fall, but you may have a slipping on ice injuries claim on your hands. Hence, knowing what to do in this case can safeguard your rights. 

What does it mean to have slipping on ice injuries

In simpler words, a person walking through ice and falling gets into a slip-on-ice accident. Meanwhile, these type of accidents could occur anywhere, whether on private or public area.  

Slipping on ice could be of several kinds, i.e., 

  • Falling backwards on ice 
  • Falling on ice and hitting the head 
  • Slipping abruptly and causing fractures 

Places where slips and falls on ice occur  

As per the slipping on ice injuries statistics , there are many different places where such an incident might occur, causing injuries. This includes: 

Slipping on ice injuries – in public 

If you slip on an icy sidewalk, you can make a claim against the city for damages. Even though, to ensure public safety, your municipality must maintain the roads. However, they do not have to clear all the ice and snow but to ensure the safety of roads.  

In addition, a storefront fall is eligible for compensation. To prove a store overlooked a risk, contact our personal injury solicitors right away. 

Slipping on ice injuries – at work 

Employers must take reasonable steps to prevent slips and trips. Besides, snow and ice may necessitate warm clothing or boots. If your employer fails this duty, you can always claim for compensation.  

Injured workers are terrified of losing their employment if they make a claim, as they fear losing their job. Conversely, injuries at work are not grounds for dismissal. Your employer may be liable for wrongful termination if they do so.  

How to treat a fall on ice? 

Remember that not all slipping on ice injuries will be instantly visible. In fact, adrenaline often rushes in after a fall, and symptoms may not show up for hours. Still, severe slips and falls on snow or ice should be treated quickly. A doctor can also check on you and warn you of any potential risks. Likewise, these medical reports and evaluations may also help in making your claim stronger. 

Other claims for slip, trip, and fall 

Among the common trip, slip accident claims are: 

What’s my claim worth? 

In any case, if you are unsure how much personal injury compensation you will receive for slipping on ice, you should ask us. Additionally, we’ll tell you if we think you have a valid claim and help you get compensated for your injuries, expenditures, and loss of earnings

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