Slip, Trip, or Fall Compensations

Slips and falls can have very serious health implications. These injuries can sometimes be very serious like a long-term chronic back injury, head injury, or other physical disabilities. Therefore, if you or someone close to you, unfortunately, becomes a victim of any such issue, know that you may be entitled to compensation for slip and fall injuries.

The majority of people feel reluctant in claiming their damages. Know that if you don’t claim at the right time, and the mishap results in severe issues, you won’t be able to get any rewards at a later stage.

On the other hand, we have people who are completely unaware of the fact that they can seek compensation for slip/trip accidents. They’d regard these instances as “mere accidents”, but that’s not quite true. If you tripped over something that wasn’t supposed to be there, somebody will be held liable for it. This may include a badly repaired paving stone, potholes, wet floor at a public space, rubbish left on the pavement, or any other kind of obstruction.

Here at Wallace Legal, we can help you in such situations. Our solicitors have been assisting hundreds of slip accident victims, and we will surely help you in successfully claiming any compensation you are entitled to.

Who Holds Liability For A Slip Accident?

The person accountable will be the owner or operator of the land where you suffered injuries. For example, if you sustained injuries at a public space like a restaurant, the owner will be liable. Despite the fact that they might not be particularly responsible, it is still their property, and any customer suffering will be regarded as a failure of the staff to provide proper service.

Types Of Injuries That Commonly Result From Slip and Trips

In usual circumstances, slip and fall mishaps result in fractures, joint dislocations like the shoulder or knee, and head injuries as well. Fractures will usually impact the ankle or wrist, but they can also occur in other bones like fingers.

The Circumstances That Cause Slip Claims

Generally, three broad categories cause slip/trip accidents, and these are mostly claimed. These are:

  1. Accidents that happen in public places. These places are to be maintained by local authorities or councils.
  2. Accidents occurring at public places that a certain company is responsible for
  3. Accidents at workplaces

Slips and Trips In Public Places Against The Local Authority

The local council has the responsibility to maintain all public thoroughfares. If the council is seen not fulfilling their responsibility, or failing to warn about hazards, they might be held liable. Examples include:

  • Broken or cracked curbstones and paving stones
  • Loose curbstones
  • Potholes
  • Dips in the pavement
  • Things obstructing the pavement

The No Win No Fee Slip Injury Compensation

Claiming for a slip accident isn’t easy. This is because the process is very time-consuming, and it can also cost heavily if you consider the legal fees for the entire claim.

Since the victim has sustained injuries, they will probably be off from work. Paying for such hefty legal fees won’t be easy on them. For a person who’s already suffering to make ends meet due to loss of income, they won’t be having cash on hand to handle this situation. This is where Wallace Legal stands out as we will help you claim compensation on a No Win No Fee agreement. Put simply, you won’t be paying any legal fees all during the claim is being made. If we are unable to obtain compensation money for you, you won’t be charged a thing. However, if we do successfully bring your compensation money, we will take a certain portion of that reward money, as agreed before the start of the process.

This whole idea of CFA (conditional fee agreement) was introduced to ensure that people who weren’t financially stable, can seek compensation claims and gain access to legal services.

Wallace Legal has been assisting people with their slip injury compensation cases, along with all other types of personal injury claims for a long time. Our experienced solicitors will be there to help you navigate your way out of the issue and get rewarded for any damages you have incurred due to someone else’s negligence.