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Reasons Behind Medical Negligence

Medical negligence can be defined as medical malpractice caused by healthcare professionals, including doctors, pharmacists, surgeons, and nurses. Medical negligence is a term used when healthcare professional causes harm to the patient unintentionally. The harm can be in the form of an injury, pain, or suffering.

Medical negligence is an unfortunate phenomenon, and it comes with severe consequences. Depending on the extent of negligence, the victim, their families, and close ones suffer miserably. As civilized humans, we turn to doctors when we feel ill and think we have some kind of disease. We do this because we trust that a medically qualified professional will never harm us but benefit us. When the opposite (medical negligence) happens, our trust breaks, and as a result, we suffer from pain and injury because of it.

Why Medical Negligence Happen

There are many reasons behind medical negligence. From poor communication to lack of skills or training, medical negligence can happen because of anything. However, whatever the case is, it is the duty of the healthcare professional to protect your wellbeing. If you are injured during a diagnosis, no one will be responsible but the healthcare professional treating you.

According to The Rules of Professional Conduct for Medical and Dental Practitioners and The Code of Ethics, the following are some scenarios where the healthcare professional could cause medical negligence:

  • Attending a patient late who needed urgent medical attention.
  • Display of incompetency in the patient’s assessment.
  • Failing to make the right diagnosis, even when the symptoms were so clear that a reasonably skilled healthcare professional would easily notice them.
  • Not being transparent to the patient. For instance, not revealing to the patient that a certain diagnosis may have side effects like loss of an organ or deformity.
  • Carrying out a procedure without the patient’s consent, especially when the consent was necessary.
  • Making a diagnosis mistake. For instance, amputating the wrong limb, terminating a pregnancy inadvertently, and prescribing the wrong drug.
  • Failure to transfer or refer a patient at the right time.
  • Failure to act in the best interest of the patient.
  • Failure to communicate with the patient properly, especially when the communication was crucial.

The ratio of medical negligence in Scotland is considered to be more than the south of the border. However, that’s not the case across all specialties. As per the survey, doctors working in private clinics face lower claims than doctors working in National Health Service Hospitals.

One should know that negligence is not only occurred in the medical field, professionals of professions like engineering, law, and construction also make mistakes.

Health professionals are human. They sometimes make mistakes. It often happens because sometimes they fail to double-check or take shortcuts. After all, taking shortcuts seems easier than following the standards of operations provided by Scottish medical authorities like the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence, NICE.

Although medical negligence mostly happens unintentionally and mistakenly, these mistakes should not be taken lightly as human lives are involved. With slight negligence from the doctor’s side, a patient can lose his/her life.

Healthcare professionals should come together and work as a team in order to treat the patient effectively. When everything is double-checked and proper standards of operations are followed, healthcare professionals can minimize the number of medical negligence cases drastically.

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