Rear Ending Laws

Rear Ending Laws

Car accidents occur in many ways. The possibilities range from minor scrapes to high-speed collisions. However, rear-end collisions are one of the most common types of car accidents. Generally, the driver who rear-ends the leading car is accountable for the damage. If the lead driver also contributes to the accident, then the case might get complex. Meanwhile, taking a closer look at the scenario, Wallace Legal may be able to help you obtain monetary damages as per the rear ending laws. 

What injuries can I claim for, as per rear ending laws? 

While rear-end accidents might cause temporary or permanent disability, they are always compensable. However, rear-end collision injuries commonly include 

  • Back injury and pain 
  • Damage to soft tissue 
  • Fractured bones 
  • Whiplash injury 
  • Head or brain injury 

How can I determine fault for a minor rear-end collision? 

Liability is complicated because it differs by state. Therefore, a legal team may use the evidence at the scene to blame the witnesses. Yet, listed below are some examples of evidence that can help determine blame: 

  • Police report from the accident scene 
  • Photographs of the accident scene (including damage to the vehicle and the injuries) 
  • A medical report of the treatment 
  • Witness testimony 
  • Similarly, CCTV or Dash Cam footage of the accident scene.  
  • Contact information for the driver at fault. 

When is a rear-end collision not your fault? 

In a rear-end collision, fault is not absolute. While tailgating or distracted driving is usually the fault of the back driver, it is not always the case. On the other hand, most rear-end collisions are usually caused by driver negligence, which can be fatal. Similarly, liability for damages is based on rear ending laws.  

In order to claim damages, the injured party must prove the offender was negligent. Negligence factors include: 

  • The driver owed a duty of care to the victim, 
  • He/she breached that duty of care by being negligent, and 
  • was a material factor in causing the victim’s injuries.  

I got rear-ended how much money will I get? 

We consider your physical and financial losses seriously. Hence, you shouldn’t have to suffer just because of a careless driver. Nevertheless, we have the best solicitors for you, who will work hard to get you every penny you deserve. They can help you cover losses such as: 

  • Pain and suffering 
  • Loss of earnings 
  • Medical costs 
  • Treatment expenses 
  • Travel expenses 
  • Vehicle repair charges 
  • Special care costs 

Personal injury claims based on rear ending laws 

The personal injury valuation, particularly for rear-end collisions, can be estimated by determining: 

  • The driver at fault 
  • Car insurances available 
  • Severity of injuries 
  • Total financial losses. 

How can our team of the best solicitors in Scotland help you? 

Rear-end crashes are complex scenarios that necessitate the assistance of a professional. There is a proven track record of success for No-Win No-Fee claims at Wallace Legal. As a result, we’ll complete a detailed investigation to prove liability and protect your rights. Our solicitors can also help if you are at fault for a collision, but don’t believe it was your fault. Contact us today for a free consultation!