Good Lawyer

Qualities To Expect In A Good Lawyer

Every year, tons of new lawyers make it to the world of law. Each of them possesses excellent qualities, which makes them perfect in their ways. Some excel at medical negligence claims, some at family law, some at crime, and some are expert personal injury solicitors. Glasgow has a significant number of legal representative that can help you out of all your legal matters. It is difficult to know who is the best lawyer among the pool of so many. So, if you or someone you know needs a lawyer, they should know that there is an essential checklist that a good lawyer must pass. We have penned down all the essential pointers to make your search for the best lawyer much easier.

  1. Communication Skills

Communication skills play a vital role in the career of a lawyer. Communication skills are essential in the courts and before the court proceedings to get good compensations and settlement meetings. A lawyer must be orally articulate, be excellent at written and verbal communication skills, and be a good listener. They need to argue convincingly in a way that holds value in a courtroom. To convince the judge and jury of their clients, they must be great at communication. Communication skills don’t end at that.  Lawyers are required to produce a lot of legal documents. Hence, they must be able to write clearly in a persuasive yet concise manner. A lawyer should be brilliant at analysing and be prompt at responding to their opponents. Saying the right thing at the right time is one of the fundamental values for a lawyer to possess.

  1. Good Judgement

A competent lawyer should make reasonable and logical conclusions based on the limited amount of information available. Their assumptions should be based on critical thinking. They should be able to make instant judgement calls when provided with new information in the courtroom. Furthermore, they must be capable of spotting the elements of weakness in their opponent. They should not be indecisive and always be ready with prompt responses.

  1. Analytical Skills

The study of law and field practice requires absorbing a lot of information and then making something logical out of it. Often, there is more than one logical explanation based on the provided facts and many possible conclusions. This is where the analytical skills of a lawyer come in handy. They must be able to evaluate the situation and analyse it critically. A careful analysis is fundamental to avoid making any mistakes.

  1. Research Skills

There are times when a case needs to be presented in court, and lack of research can cause embarrassing situations. Hence, a lawyer needs to be able to do adequate research based on their client’s needs. The research should be related and meaningful to draw legal strategies for the client. A sound legal strategy can only be made if a large amount of information is summarised effectively.

  1. Public Relations

Like so many other professions, the law is just not limited to excelling at academics. A lawyer must be efficient with people and have excellent communication skills. A lawyer represents their client to other people, and their job often determines what happens to people’s lives. Hence, lawyers need to be able to maintain good public relations. They should be persuasive and compassionate for their client and prove the facts and figures to the judge and the jury.

  1. Persistence & Commitment

Practising law is not an easy task. The job is hectic, tiring, and full of delays. A trial can take months and often years to conclude. Therefore, a lawyer must stay committed throughout and never give up. They should take up all challenges valiantly, leaving no room for a defeat. When working on a case, they must have enough persistence to get the work done and lead it to a successful end. Among so many others, these are some of the traits that must be present in a good lawyer. No matter how good a lawyer is at academics, their degree is useless if they do not possess the qualities mentioned above. At Wallace Legal, we have a brilliant set of lawyers on our team. So if you are in search of a solicitor, get in touch with us for the best legal representation.