Personal Injury Valuation

Personal Injury Valuation

Clients frequently ask about the value of a personal injury claim during the course of litigation. However, if a solicitor claims to be able to provide you with an estimate of your personal injury valuation immediately, you should be cautious. Because it’s not as straightforward as using an online calculator to precisely estimate a claim’s value. Additionally, we also have an article to help you get more information on the worth of your claim. Keep reading to learn more about such concerns. 

How to carry out your personal injury valuation? 

If you suffer from a personal injury, the compensation you receive will be proportional to your injury. More severe injuries typically lead to higher compensation amounts. For instance, a whiplash injury would not receive the same amount of compensation as a brain injury. Therefore, depending on the severity of your injuries, your personal injury solicitorwill come up with an estimate of your compensation.  

Types of personal injury claims 

The following are the most common injuries that our clients make a claim for: 

What compensation do you get for personal injuries? 

Several damages are intended to compensate for losses sustained as a result of a road accident, construction site accident, slips or trips, or an injury at work. Some damages, such as property damage and medical bills, are easy to evaluate. In contrast, the inability to enjoy activities or suffering from an injury, are difficult to calculate right away. 

Here is a list of compensation payouts for personal injury claims:  

  • Personal injury compensation typically includes medical care costs, both past and future. 
  • Compensation for an accident victim’s loss of earning ability is also a part of your claim. 
  • If any vehicles, clothing, or property were damaged in the accident, you may be able to get money for it. 
  • A claimant can recover damages for the psychological effects of an injury, such as dread, anxiety, and sleep deprivation.  
  • You can get compensation if an accident prevents you from enjoying everyday activities like hobbies, exercise, and recreation. 
  • Loss of consortium damages often relate to the claimant’s relationship with their spouse, for instance, loss of companionship or inability to sustain a sexual relationship. 

Personal injury valuation guidelines 

Our team of the best solicitors in Scotland can help you make your claim and assist you in recovering your losses. At Wallace Legal, you’ll be able to meet with your solicitor to get a free consultation on your personal injury valuation. They can be more effective because you can talk about your medical reports and financial losses in person with a local lawyer. 

Meanwhile, our compensation calculator is best if you are trying to get compensation for your injury, such as: 

Claim your injury through the best solicitors for you. 

Choosing an experienced solicitor for your claim is essential as he has to handle your case professionally throughout. In fact, you can claim a solicitor for professional negligence, just like you may claim a doctor for medical negligence. At Wallace Legal, we have a past record of handling No-Win, No-Fee cases in the past for clients. Contact us to talk about your injury claim right now!