Pedestrian Injury Compensation Claim

Pedestrian injury compensation claim 

Pedestrian accidents are challenging, however increasing in number every passing day. In 2018, pedestrian deaths accounted for almost 26% of all accidents. Pedestrians, bikers, and motorcyclists experience more significant injuries. There are several people suffering with the consequences of an accident. Were you injured in a pedestrian accident? We understand how difficult it can be to make a pedestrian injury compensation claim, but we advise you not to neglect it.   

Pedestrian claim against driver 

We understand that a pedestrian accident can be physically and emotionally distressing. Nevertheless, you can still claim it against the driver very conveniently. We have previously assisted pedestrians who’ve suffered broken limbs, back or neck injuries, paralysis, or head and brain injuries. 

Common Causes of accidents and pedestrian injury compensation claim

Any automobile on the road or at a crosswalk could harm a pedestrian. Still, drivers cause most road traffic accidents due to the following reasons: 

  • Careless driving 
  • Driving too fast 
  • Drunk or drugged driving 
  • Ignoring stop signs 
  • Vehicle loss of control 
  • Reckless or rash driving 

Who is at fault in a pedestrian accident? 

In some cases, it might be difficult to determine who is at fault. For instance, when a child unexpectedly rushes out in front of a car, or when someone crosses a road while talking on their cellphone. But, it is very rare for a driver to not be legally at blame. Several wounded pedestrians received substantial compensation by our solicitor’s help in the case of a pedestrian injury compensation claim. Similarly, we can also assist you in evaluating if you have a case when it is unclear who is at blame. We have experienced solicitors for car accidents who can guide you on the  average settlement for pedestrian hit by car in Scotland 

How to make a pedestrian injury compensation claim caused by an accident? 

  • Your have to prove your damages for any personal injury claim. In this situation, the driver of the car that hit you as a pedestrian must be mentioned. 
  • Note the names, locations, and contact information of any witnesses and, if possible, capture the incident. You should also call the police. 
  • Remember to save receipts for things like treatment prescriptions and travel expenses.  

How much compensation for pedestrian accident? 

Compensation for a pedestrian accident claim varies for every case.  Notable example of this would be uninsured pedestrians who suffered dislocated knees in comparison to a severe brain injury. You can also use our pedestrian accident compensation calculator for additional help regarding your case. Moreover, you can also claim for an elbow injury or other body part injury. In addition to that, you can also claim for more. You may also claim for specific losses, such as lost earnings, damaged property, loss of bonus or overtime, or for your medical expenses. 

How long do I have to make a pedestrian injury compensation claim? 

In most cases, you have three years to file a claim. We recommend starting early so you don’t have to bother about the timeline and the specifics. But not everyone will be having time restrictions. For instance, a child injured on the road can claim for up to 18 years of age. So, they can make their own claim in three years. No particular time restriction can be calculated for everybody. So, if you’re worried about questions such as how long for a whiplash injury to pay out? Or how do whiplash claims work? Our solicitors can easily determine if you have time to make a claim and hence get compensated. 

Best car accident solicitors 

If you’ve been in a car accident or have hit a pedestrian, contact our expert solicitors at Wallace Legal. We can assist you understand your rights and help you follow the claims process. Contact our expert solicitors for free legal advices on a No-Win No-Fee basis. For your ease, the claims process is not even difficult anymore and only needs subtle proof and a competitive solicitor now. Contact us for information on hit and run personal injury claims using through phone or by using the WhatsApp feature.