No Win No Fee Agreements

No Win No Fee Agreements – How are They Structured?

If you are injured because of someone else’s negligence, you can claim personal injury compensation. These injuries can be caused by an individual, organization, or group. If the negligent parties do not resolve the situation through simple negotiations, you have the right to challenge this in court for financial compensation. It may sound very simple, but it can be quite complicated. There are many accident lawyers in Glasgow that can help you in this regard. There are certain advantages to using a specialized company to process a claim for damages. One of these benefits is the “No Win No Fee” policy. Today, we will discuss that policy and how it can be beneficial to you.

No Win No Fee Agreement

No Win No Fee is an agreement between a lawyer and a victim of personal injury. The lawyer will submit the claim for the proceedings in accordance with the terms of the contract and will only be paid if you win legal compensation. It’s a great way to save money, and it is why personal injury lawyers in Scotland are very sought out.

What does it Mean?

People who hire personal injury lawyers can sometimes lose their cases. As a general rule, you have to pay the full amount of the legal fee. However, the ‘No win No fee’ agreement is a great way to cover yourself if you lose your case, as you don’t have to pay lawyer’s fees in such a circumstance.

What If You Win?

If your lawyer succeeds in dealing with this claim for you, the offending insurer is obliged to pay you the settlement amount. They offer a settlement amount that includes all costs, including the lawyer’s fees. By listing all these costs in detail, you can get a fair amount of money.

Fees are usually determined as a percentile of billing amounts. This amount is stated in the CFA (Conditional Fee Agreement). This is a legally binding contract and must be complied with.

How to Find a Good ‘No win, No fee’ Lawyer?

It should be noted that such an agreement is designed to not pose any risk to you. Still, it is important to choose a professional and reliable law firm. This will increase your chances of winning and receiving the payment amount from the other party. Wallace Legal is that law firm for you. Our law firm in many cities such as Aberdeen, Edinburgh, Perth, and Glasgow offers no win no fee agreements.

There is another important point to keep in mind when dealing with No Win No Fee agreements. You need to know that you don’t have to pay a fee to a lawyer, but if the claim is rarely brought to court, you may have to pay legal costs.

Also, be sure to conduct an investigation before choosing a lawyer for such a contract. These people are experts and know how to enter details without your knowledge. Therefore, it is recommended to read the contract thoroughly before signing. You don’t want to get confused because of human error or other issues.

Average Rate Percentage

The price of such a contract if you win varies from case to case. You can maintain 75% to 90% of your compensation. The remainder must be paid to the lawyer as a success fee.

Hidden Charges

The ‘No win, No Fee’ contract clearly states that you will not be charged a fee if you lose, but sometimes, there are hidden charges included in the agreement that make sure you pay some kind of fee even if you lose. That is another reason why you should recheck your agreement. Many law firms charge hidden fees after the settlement, which makes it more difficult for clients. However, specialized law firms such as Wallace Legal do not do so. Therefore, we are suitable for claiming your personal injury.


That being said, this ‘No win, No fee’ approach is great for you if you can’t afford to pay legal fees without compensation. Finding these great lawyers in Scotland is very convenient, so don’t forget to check out the best companies for such arrangements for future reference. Wallace Legal is a leading law firm, providing professionals to help you obtain fair compensation for your claims, and they are the best in the business. They delve into all the details that can help your claim. Contact us for more information.