No Win No Fee Glasgow

No Win No Fee Glasgow

The skills and expertise of solicitors at Wallace Legalare immediately available to all. Most importantly, there is no fee unless we successfully receive compensation for you. Thus, we only charge you if we succeed. Every person in Scotland can benefit from our no win no fee Glasgow services. Hence, wait no longer and get in touch now! 

What is a “no win no fee Glasgow claim”? 

A “no win, no fee” claim means excluding the need to pay upfront legal fees. Furthermore, if the court rejects your claim, you still don’t have to pay a penny.  

We assist in all types of personal injury claims, which commonly include: 

No-win No-fee solicitors near me 

Most people are only able to pursue a personal injury claim if they have the money to do so. Subsequently, it becomes too expensive for people to receive compensation for their injuries. 

And it is unfortunate that people lose hope only because they can’t pay for the claim. But, we cannot bear this! 

So, we came up with a no win no fee Glasgow agreement for our clients. It doesn’t matter if you were hurt in a car accident or by a disease. Contact us now to consult with our team of the best no-win, no-fee solicitors. 

How do you make a claim for car accident loss of earnings? 

We’ve helped countless people in Scotland make personal injury claims and recover their damages. In fact, we may help you obtain compensation for your loss of earnings, pain and suffering, as well as your medical costs. 

Correspondingly, our personal injury calculator will help you figure out your compensation. It provides a very accurate estimate of your compensation prior to the claim.  

Am I eligible to make a no-win no-fee Scotland claim? 

We must assess each case separately to see if we can work on a no-win, no-fee basis because no two cases are alike. However, we do provide a free initial consultation to further discuss this.  

We will conduct a case evaluation to determine the potential value of your claim. Also, we will go through the next steps necessary in pursuing your claim. 

What is the time limit for making a claim?  

Generally, you must make a claim within three years of the accident or injury. Meanwhile, there are some exceptions for No-Win No-Fee claims; such as: 

  • For no win no fee medical negligence Scotland claims, the three-year restriction begins when symptoms first appear. 
  • You can make a claim for a minor child on their behalf. Or, they can make a claim themselves as soon as they turn 18. 
  • Mentally ill people can claim themselves without an unlimited time limit. 

The best solicitors in Scotland for a no-win no-fee Glasgow claim. 

It all starts with a talk. We have the best solicitors for your case. In fact, we will provide you with the highest quality service. It’s possible that we’ll need more information to assess your case. On the other hand, you’ll also need medical records and witnesses. You do not have to stress out even if you have no witnesses to the accident. When we analyze your case, we will decide if we can take it on a No Win, No Fee” basis or not.