My Child got hit by a Car can I Claim?

My Child Got Hit By A Car Can I Claim?

Even a minor accident might leave you shaken. Yet, the thought of your child getting into a car accident is a horrifying one. As a result, you’re compelled to ask yourself, my child got hit by a car can I claim?”. 

If your child receives an injury, you should approach Wallace Legal. While treating a child’s injuries differently from an adult’s is understandable, the core concern remains the same. Different rules, on the other hand, apply to injury claims involving children. 

Common injuries to children in an accident 

Among the most common injuries a child faces are: 

  • Soft tissue damage 
  • Broken foot 
  • Head and neck injuries 
  • Bruises or cuts 
  • Ankle sprains or strains 

My child got hit by a car can I claim child personal injury settlements? 

It is possible to claim for child injuries in an accident. In cases where the parents agree to a settlement before the trial, the court should grant more compensation. Meanwhile, the court must approve any decisions that are in the best interest of the child. 

Even if the parents do not make a claim, the court must nonetheless accept a settlement. Yet, it’s possible that you’ll only spend a certain amount of money. In this way, your child gets protection by these set of boundaries.  

Time limits for making a child injury claim 

Until the age of eighteen, a child cannot make a personal injury claim. But, if you are worried that my child got hit by a car can I claim?, then yes! You can make a claim on behalf of your child’s injuries until he turns eligible.  

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How much compensation can I get for my child? 

Because each case is unique, there is no set compensation amount for your child. This depends on your family’s finances, the severity of your child’s injuries, and how quickly they can get better. 

Still, our team of the best solicitors in Scotland can assist you in getting compensation for: 

  • Pain and suffering for minor child 
  • Medical and treatment costs 
  • Extra child-care assistance 
  • Home Tutoring 
  • Loss of earnings of the parent. 
  • Travel expenses, e.g., the fare of a cab from home to the clinic. 

In fact, you may also try our online child injury compensation calculator to get an estimate of what you can receive. 

How to keep your child safe on the roads? 

Undeveloped skills in children that can lead to accidents are: 

  • Children cannot typically focus or respond effectively to possible road risks. 
  • In addition, children usually face difficulty assessing dangers. 
  • Children are still learning how to process and choose the safest thing to do right away. 
  • Given the lack of development, children are unable to use their reasoning while crossing roads. 

My child got hit by a car can I claim it? Yes, we can help you! 

Personal injury solicitors at Wallace Legal are ready and willing to assist you. Parents and guardians of children hurt in car accidents can claim on a No-win No-fee basis. It is our job to ensure that your child’s well-being is taken care of during the course of your claim. We know how difficult it must be for you to witness the pain your child is going through. Still, the compensation for their suffering can help you pay for their treatment and recovery. Contact us to get a free consultation from the best solicitors for you.