Multiple Rear End Collision Fault

Multiple Rear End Collision Fault

A rear-end collision occurring between more than two vehicles is a multiple rear-end collision. Determining blame for a multiple rear end collision fault isn’t challenging. Meanwhile, poor weather conditions as well as damp roads may cause such a vehicle crash. As a result, such accidents also cause severe injuries, which further cause considerable potential damage. Therefore, seeking advice from an expert solicitor will help you get the compensation you deserve. We, at Wallace Legal, make sure our clients never return dissatisfied with our services. 

Types of multiple rear-end accidents 

Multiple vehicle accidents fall into numerous categories. For example, 

  • chain reactions 
  • vehicles driving in the wrong lanes 
  • hit-andrun accidents. 

When is a rear-end collision not your fault? 

Multi-car accidents have many causes. A simple rear-end collision might generate a chain reaction of cars colliding. Also, a multi-vehicle accident on a foggy morning highway is a possibility. There may be situations where you may not be the one to blame for a road traffic accident. Such as: 

  • highway lane changes without evaluating blind spots. 
  • drunk drivers drive too fast. 
  • drivers who race or drive recklessly. 
  • drowsy drivers on the highways 
  • driving in fog, snow, or hail makes it difficult for other drivers to see or stop. 

Multiple car accidents who is at fault? 

It’s not easy to prove a multiple rear end collision fault. To prove fault, you must show which driver was careless, causing the vehicle accident. However, if another vehicle is found to be partly irresponsible, the blame can be split between the drivers. 

In addition, to prove a fault in a multiple car rear-end collision, you need evidence. For instance, 

  • CCTV footage 
  • Witness statements. If you have no witness, you still won’t have to worry. 
  • Vehicle damage 
  • A medical report of the injuries caused 
  • Photographs of the accident scene 

Who is at fault in a rear-end collision involving 4 cars? 

A multi-car chain reaction accident can be confusing and difficult to resolve. Determining liability and compensation can be challenging when more than two vehicles collide. Yet, our firm has the best solicitors for you who will not only help you determine blame but also assist you in a winning claim. Nevertheless, determining blame for getting rear ended while stopped is the easiest situation to make a claim

Compensation amounts for a multiple rear end collision fault 

A vehicle accident victim’s financial compensation possibilities are complex. Then again, for your damages, you may claim expenses like: 

  • Vehicle damage repair costs 
  • Medical treatment expenses 
  • Extra care costs 
  • Pain and suffering 
  • Travel expenses 
  • loss of earnings. 

Should I seek legal advice to claim for multiple rear end collision fault? 

Yes, absolutely! 

Laws regarding auto accident compensation can be difficult to understand, to say the least. Because when a large number of vehicles crash, the difficulty level goes way up. The accident may also affect you in a mental or physical way. So, now is the time to concentrate on your recovery. 

When looking for the best solicitors in Scotland, look no further. During our time together, we’ll get to know each other better so that we can achieve the greatest potential outcome. Contact us now by filling out our online form or giving us a call. Furthermore, a member of our team will assess your claim and provide you with a free consultation.