Most common types of personal injury cases for compensation

If you or one of your relatives have recently been injured due to another person’s negligent or intentional actions, you can claim compensation for personal injuries. At Wallace Legal, our experienced personal injury solicitors in Aberdeen found that around 97% of cases are settled out of court. Personal injuries have many types. If a personal injury is due to another person’s negligence, you can claim compensation. Almost all of which give you legitimate grounds for submitting a compensation claim. However, no two personal injury cases are the same.

This blog will discuss the most common types of personal injury cases to see if they apply to you or your relatives.

Car / traffic accident

Car or traffic accidents are more common on Aberdeen streets. Therefore, these accidents are among the most common types of personal injury cases.

If you or one of your relatives are injured in a traffic accident due to another person’s negligent or intentional act, you can claim monetary compensation for your personal injuries.

Experienced personal injury solicitors will guide you on how they will protect your compensation rights throughout the legal process. If you have an experienced one, you will successfully get the compensation amount you deserve.

Medical negligence & wrongful death

Medical negligence claims are submitted due to negligence made by medical professionals. Medical malpractice frequently results in injuries, leading patients to claim compensation for their personal injuries. Every healthcare professional is responsible for the duty of care towards all patients.

If a doctor neglects this duty by treating with an irresponsible approach, it may result in an injury. The doctor may make the patient vulnerable to a medical malpractice lawsuit.

The term “wrongful death” is a type of lawsuit against somebody who negligently killed another person. Many wrongful death lawsuits stem from medical negligence and car accidents.

Typically, wrongful death lawsuits frequently arise from medical professionals’ negligence. These negligent acts may include medical misconduct, accidents at work, construction accidents, aeroplane accidents, or the use of a defective product.

By claiming wrongful death compensations, the decedent’s family can recover their damages. Indeed, an experienced solicitor can help you in this area.

Work Accident

Personal injuries commonly occur in the workplace. Personal injuries at work can include cases associated with trips and falls, risky work environment lawsuits, harmful materials lawsuits, and others.

If you or one of your relatives are injured at work, you are entitled to submit a personal injury claim against your employer. So, you can contact a lawyer to submit a workers’ compensation claim to get compensation for injuries or lost wages.

Compensation for your workplace accident and injuries may include healthcare treatment, lost employment, or a lump sum payment (also called permanent partial disability).

So, you need expert guidance that can only be provided by an experienced personal injury lawyer. The lawyer will guide you through the process and make sure your compensation rights are protected.


Defamation in the form of libel or slander refers to damage to your reputation. The reason behind this injury is false statements. Therefore, what you must establish in a defamation case varies, depending on the complainant and where the statement was made.

For most people, it is essential to establish that the false-negative statement was made and they have experienced a financial loss as a consequence.

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