Personal Injury Claims

Mistakes You Might Be Making In Making Personal Injury Claim & How to Avoid Them

Personal injuries can be hell. They can disrupt your entire life, personal and professional. Your income sources can be affected too. There is so much that can be messed up due to a personal injury.

So, if you get injury compensation after submitting a claim, it can be a huge relief. Treatment costs can be cleared and your income stream can be supplemented. But only when you get the most out of your claim.

There are many people who fail to get the most out of their personal injury claim. That can be due to a number of mistakes that they might be making during the process. At the time, these injuries do not seem like much, but they can lead to some bad results in the claim process.

Below is a list of mistakes that you might be making in the process of a personal injury claim that might be harming your case. Avoid these to make sure your claim is as successful as possible.

Lack of Medical Evidence

Personal injury claims are based on evidence, especially medical evidence. There are times when medical evidence can be crucial to the success of the claim. Backing up your claim with evidence will help your personal injury lawyer prepare for and present your case the best they can. Evidence can especially be important in claims that have been submitted a long time after the incident.

Failing to Gather Evidence

When you are on the spot, there are many things to consider, gathering the evidence is one of the most important. Your smartphone can take pictures and video, that can be used to capture the scene of the crash, the cars, injuries, number plates, and any other things that might come in handy later on.

Settling too Soon

Settlements are very common when it comes to these claims. The opposing party will usually offer a certain amount as compensation to try and wrap things up early so that in your distracted state you accept the offer and the guilty party can get out of it.

‘Never accept the first offer’ is something that applies in this case too, as you will most likely end up regretting it when you could’ve drawn the situation out and gotten a higher compensation. In this situation, what should be considered is the injury you suffered through; the pain and the struggle you went through in the time you were injured. Also, consider that this compensation will be a one-time payment which you will use to handle all your expenses. You have to focus on creating the best circumstances for yourself. And therefore, it is not recommended that you settle too early. The first offers are usually a distraction and a ploy to get out of compensating you appropriately. If you have to settle, then make sure to keep the negotiation going so that you can benefit the most.

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask Questions

Information is the most important aspect when it comes to claims. Without information, you cannot build a case and present your claim. And Information comes from many sources; asking questions is something that can often make people hesitate. There are many reasons for their hesitation, one of them being that it will make them look stupid or confuse them. But in law, questions can be so important because if you are clear about your claim and the current situation, you can keep a clear head and think about solutions and avenues yourself. If you have a lawyer hired, then they are there to help you and answer your questions. Those questions can lead to answers that make you more confident in your case and present yourself better when the time comes. So, it is recommended to ask as many questions as you want, because they will only increase your knowledge and help you.

Disregarding the Importance of Legal Representation.

The first thing that any insurance company will target is trying to make you settle without a lawyer. The average person is not that knowledgeable about claims. So, they will try to exploit that to get involved in the claim alone and without a lawyer to inform you of your options, which will allow them to get the easy way out and not offer you the appropriate compensation that you might deserve. But a claim is not something to rush, and you should not bow to their pressure. Hiring a solicitor will not only stop them from taking advantage of you, but it will also give you peace of mind.


Injury claims should be handled carefully. A mistake or two could result in you not getting the compensation you deserve. That is why, at Wallace Legal, we offer the services of personal injury lawyers in Scotland. Our lawyers will make sure to guide you and stop you from making those mistakes that someone makes in situations like this.