Make Your Car Winter Ready

Five Tips To Make Your Car Winter Ready

Winter has arrived and with its arrival, it has become much more critical to keep yourself safe while driving. During the harsh winter temperatures, slippery roads, a freezing environment, and low light conditions can make driving a bit risky and if not done with caution, you might compromise your safety. Underestimating the dangerous driving conditions in winter is a common mistake that many people make on their part. Another crucial thing to consider is that in winters, the running of cars is different compared to summer. Even the most minor issues can cause dangerous issues and have serious consequences.  When you take out your car for a drive in winter, even the most minor issues can be magnified and can cause some serious safety issues. Although you can’t control the weather conditions, here is a list of some precautionary measures you can take by making your car winter-ready beforehand to safeguard yourself from an accident, the potential risks, and assure maximum safety and control while driving:

1. Make Regular Checks On Your Tyre Tread Depth:

According to the law in the UK, car tyres should have a minimum tread depth of 1.6mm. Once your tyre reaches a depth of 3mm, you could encounter some serious problems, as it is the maximum limit. If it goes further up, it would put you at risk, especially when entering the autumn and winter months. Therefore, you should make regular checks on your tyres and get them replaced before they reach a 2mm depth.

2. Never Leave Without Checking Antifreeze Levels:

You should never just jump in your car and head off without checking your car’s antifreeze in winter, no matter how much you want to. Antifreeze has several functions in a car, from keeping the performance of your brakes optimal to helping with de-icing whenever needed. It keeps your engine protected from any potential damage like freezing or cracking. Taking out a few minutes before driving off and getting yourself a ready-made mix of antifreeze can be a wise step if you want to save yourself from additional costs down the road and also save your life.

3. Always De-Ice And De-Mist

When we talk about cars performing differently in winters, icing and misting of mirrors is one of the main reasons behind it. While demisting your car mirrors, it is vital that you pay attention to every mirror in your car instead of cleaning out a tiny portion of the car’s windscreen. You should clean inside and out of the back window, front window, and side windows. Don’t forget to de-ice and de-mist your wing mirrors to ensure that your view of the road is clear, and you’re safe from any risk of encountering a car crash.

4. Remove The Snow Before Heading Off:

Snow often piles up on cars if they are parked outside on a snowy night. Before you drive off the next morning, it’s important to remove all the snow off from the roof, bonnet, or anywhere else. If the piled-up snow falls on your windscreen while driving, it might obstruct your view, which can be extremely disastrous. Even if it is for a few seconds, the results can be fatal, especially in winters.

5. Make Sure The Vehicle Lights Are Working:

In winter, the visibility gets low. Snowfall, less sunlight, and fog can make the driving conditions extremely uncomfortable for the driver. Under these circumstances, your vehicle lights and indicators are your only help to increase visibility and stay seen on the road by other drivers and keep them from crashing into you. Before you set out, always assure that all of your car’s lights are in optimal working conditions, including indicators. Along with checking them, it’s also important that you clean them every once in a while. This may be time-consuming, but it is vital that you stay patient, as it is better to be safe than sorry.

By carrying out each of these steps carefully, you’ll be ready to hit the road all safe and prepared on your part. Still, if you end up encountering an accident because of someone else’s fault, you may be able to pursue personal injury claims for the car accident.

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