Loss of Thumb Compensation

Loss of Thumb Compensation 

A thumb injury claim is a severe version of a finger injury claim. A significant reason why it’s not reported under a finger injury claim is that thumb injuries can be very devastating. In fact, a thumb is important because we can’t write, eat, or do anything else without it. So, if you had a thumb injury due to someone else’s negligence, you can claim for loss of thumb compensation as well. 

What is a thumb injury claim? 

If your thumb cracks or a ligament in your thumb is destroyed due to someone else’s carelessness, you are clearly eligible to make an injury claim. For instance, accidents involving cars or motorcycles, or even accidents at work, can result in the loss of a thumb. 

Report your thumb injury. 

In the event of a thumb injury occurring without anyone’s fault, it is critical to document the incident and notify the necessary parties. Likewise, this is equally important when calculating thumb injury compensation amounts. 

  • If you ever injure your thumb in an accident at work, make sure you notify your employer. It’s crucial to know your rights and what to do if your employer refuses to be accountable. 
  • If you get a thumb injury from slipping, tripping, and fallingin a store or tripping on a public sidewalk, you should inform the store’s manager. 

It is also vital that you get medical assistance so that the severity of your thumb injury may be diagnosed and treated. A record of it will also be kept in your health records, which will help you to prove your claim.  

How much loss of thumb compensation can I expect? 

For each claim, our best solicitors in Scotland will help you get the compensation payout. The amount, however, will depend on: 

  • Amputation severity 
  • Any other fingers hurt with the thumb 
  • Thumb disfigurement 
  • Sensory loss of thumb 
  • Duration of recovery 
  • Permanent or recurrent discomfort. 

Furthermore, you will be entitled to get compensated for the following: 

  • Loss of earnings 
  • Medical bills and treatment expenses. 
  • Hospital expenditures 
  • Care and continued assistance 

To win your claim, you need to prove it was someone else’s negligence. However, failing to prove someone’s fault leads to losing a claim. Once you have successfully shown proof of the accident, you are good to go. Nevertheless, you may also use our compensation payout calculator to figure out exactly how much compensation you’ll receive. Contact us as our personal injury solicitor will serve you with additional guidance. 

How can I claim a loss of thumb compensation? 

Wallace Legal can help if you ever sustain a thumb injury and believe you should receive compensation for the damages. In the same way, if you or a loved one has had a loss of thumb, you will be in good hands with our best solicitors for you. As a result, our legal experts treat each and every claim with the highest respect and attention. We handle our cases on a “No Win, No Fee” basis for people who trust us. Additionally, you can find out within seconds if you have a claim by getting contacting us now! To get more details, give us a call or send us an email.