Know What You Need to Claim In a Personal Injury Case

An injury can be a tough thing to encounter. The trauma that comes with an injury is not the only factor you need to go through. Injuries usually bring with them financial losses in the form of treatments and relaxation from work. Any company will only have a limited number of paid leaves for medical purposes. If your recovery persists longer, the financial losses start to double. However, there may be a silver lining to your injury. If it was caused because of someone else’s fault, you have the legal right to make a claim for monetary compensation.

The first priority after any personal injury is to report the incident to the police. The police should be the first responders to the scene so that they can collect evidence and note the crime scene. If the injury was due to someone else’s negligence, you need to contact a personal injury lawyer for further steps to be taken. At Wallace Legal, we provide professional and skilled personal injury lawyers who have vast experience in dealing with thousands of cases, and the knowledge to get your case solved. These lawyers can guide you better about what claims you can make in that particular scenario, and how you need to pursue them.

General Damages

If an incident causes you to go through a personal injury or illness that otherwise could have been avoided if someone else wasn’t reckless, you can claim these as general damage. General damages can be claimed in terms of monetary compensations because they were caused by someone else’s fault. A personal injury dealt as a general damage can be classified as any incident that changes your living standard. The amount of monetary compensation will always depend on how intense the injury is, and the loss that you have suffered in regards to it, whether it is monetary or physical. There are legal guidelines, rules and regulations that dictate how an amount should be decided that compensates an individual for general damages.

Special Damages

Special damage compensation claims are uncommon, and are often only granted in severe scenarios. Special damage claims aim to aid and support you until you are physically and financially stable, much like as you were before incurring those injuries. These compensations are given for the damages and losses you went through as a result of the incident. For instance, if you broke an arm in a car accident, and cannot go to work for 4 weeks, then special damage claims will help you get compensated for the 4 week pay that you won’t get. The loss came as a result of the broken arm, and thus, it will be compensated as special damages. Special damage claims can also be claimed for other losses that you may go through in the upcoming days, such as:

Loss Of Family Earnings

Often injuries leave us in an unstable state, requiring the help of others to look after us. This could be a family member, who has to take a leave from work. This will lead to a loss of earning for that family member and this can be claimed. Otherwise, sometimes relatives, friends and family members spend money on buying stuff for your recovery. This can also be claimed under special damages.

Treatment and Medical Care

Personal injuries will have expenditure as well. You will have to spend money on treatments, rehabilitation, medicines, future routine check-ups and much more. The special damages compensation claim will cover all these costs, until you haven’t fully recovered.

Property Damage

The accident may leave your house, car, or any other asset with damages. This will lead to exhaustion of your money when it’s time to get it repaired. You can claim these damages in exchange for monetary compensation. This can also extend to smaller stuff like spectacles, cellphones, clothes, bicycles, computers etc.

Equipment Charges

Suppose you need a medical bed, or any other medical equipment that is essential to your recovery. Medical equipment is generally very expensive to afford. Special damage compensation claims can help you claim these damages and get compensated for it.

To learn about how much you can actually claim, check out the personal injury claims Scotland calculator on our website.