Know the types of infractions in work accidents and claim your compensation without any hurdles

Work accidents occur daily, and there are different types of infractions, leading workers to submit accident claims in Scotland. This blog will help employers, companies, and workers to know the differences between violations based on different determining aspects.

Types of infractions depending on the degree

Not all infractions are equal in intensity to others. Therefore, it is essential to differentiate between minor, serious, and very serious infractions.

Minor infractions

This type of infraction occurs when an accident happens at work, and the relevant authorities are not notified on time. The lack of communication prevents the proper monitoring of the accident or illness from being carried out. In addition, we are dealing with cases of a minor nature regarding the accident or illness itself. The magnitude of its nature is slight.

Serious infractions

Employers are responsible for their employees and their work environment when their employees are engaged in performing their professional duties. Failure to fulfil their responsibilities is considered a serious offence in workplace accidents. The following are the responsibilities we are referring to:

Occupational risk prevention plan – A serious infraction occurs when the workplace lacks an occupational risk plan. Therefore, it has harsh consequences for the company or the employer if they do not abide by their responsibilities to protect their workers’ health and wellbeing.

Periodic review and control of workers, with occupational risk prevention plan – Another of the employer’s responsibilities is the periodic review and control of its workers, their jobs, and the existence of occupational risk prevention plans. If there is a plan without implementation, it is one of the causes of a serious infraction.

Health at work – Employers are responsible for ensuring their workers’ health, safety, and wellbeing. For this, the workplace must have mechanisms, such as proper medical examination of workers. It is considered a serious infraction not to carry them out or not to be up to date with the appropriate follow-up.

Communication to the labour authorities – Employers are also responsible for communicating about work accidents or serious illnesses with the labour authorities. This communication must be made promptly.

Non-compliance with labour regulations and laws – It is considered a serious offence if an employer does not comply with existing labour regulations and laws. Among these, you may find non-compliance with prohibitions or limitations on the use of materials and in the workforce. When workers have to use risk materials, such as biological or chemical materials, it is perceived to be a serious offence made by the employer.

Very serious infractions

Sometimes, the type of work can cause very serious risks to the workers’ health, safety, and wellbeing. This risk also includes a very serious infraction with tough consequences for those involved.

Protecting health and wellbeing through mechanisms – We are talking about protecting health and wellbeing through mechanisms that ensure prevention from the beginning and that exercise control over time.  Companies must have effective mechanisms to deal with situations when exposure and non-compliance can cause risks with very serious consequences.

Protection of pregnant and breastfeeding women – Taking care of vulnerable groups or those in a delicate period, such as pregnancy, is essential. Failure to take responsibility for this type of situation is considered a very serious infraction for the employer, as it can cause disastrous consequences.


Not all jobs are created equal, and some industries deserve special mention for the types of violations they can withstand. They are those in which the people’s lives are at stake in the face of malpractice. We are talking about the construction sector, security companies, jobs related to radioactive material, and others. The scope of the infraction can be decisive for the life of a company and even more so for the life of a person. Legal coverage is thus essential.

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