Is It legal to drive a motorcycle between lanes?

Is It Legal To Drive A Motorcycle Between Lanes?

Motorcyclists have always been in doubt when it comes to being on the road. Drivers commonly ask, “Is it legal to drive a motorcycle between lanes? Yes, it is!  

Filtering on motorcycles is legal in the UK, although with restrictions. A motorcyclist may filter into slow-moving traffic if they do it cautiously and slowly, as per Highway Code Rule 88. Luckily, most bikers now know that motorcycle filtering at traffic lights is also legal. However, exemptions apply in every motorcycle accident claim. 

Is it legal to drive a motorcycle between lanes? -Rules for Lane Filtering UK 

  • Section 83: All drivers must wear helmets. This includes motorcyclists, scooters, bicycles, and quad bikes. 
  • Section 84: Motorcycle riders should use legal eye protection. Also, it’s a good idea to wear ear protection, heavy boots, gloves, and the right clothes in case of a motorcycle accident. 
  • Section 85: A full bike license only enables one passenger in a proper seat. Non-provisional licensees can’t take anyone with them. 
  • Section 86: Wear a light-colored helmet and fluorescent clothing or stripes. Because others may not notice you, or judge your distance or speed accurately. 
  • Section 87: Wear luminous clothing or strips to increase your visibility. at night. These will help other drivers see you better by reflecting their headlights. 
  • Section 88: Before moving, be aware of what is behind and to your sides. In traffic jams, look out for pedestrians and vehicles changing lanes or exiting junctions. 

If you find any motorcycle driver violating the above-mentioned rules, you can make a claim right away. 

Is lane splitting legal in UK? 

Filtering for only one or two cars isn’t worth the effort. So, avoid taking the lane in front of you. Moreover, it’s better to filter traffic if it’s at a standstill or moving at a slow pace. In order to filter, one must move out of and back into the flow of traffic. Thus, before you start driving, check your surroundings as per the motorbike overtaking rules. Even if the traffic is at stop, another motorcycle may be following you. 

What are the motorcycle passenger laws? 

Watch out for pedestrians crossing between cars, especially if the crossing has lights. Secondly, if the vehicles stop due to congestion, you may pass them without stopping.  

Meanwhile, if you get injuries in a motorcycle accident, you should get legal counsel as soon as possible. In addition, we have the best personal injury solicitors at Wallace Legal to assist you. 

Is it legal to drive a motorcycle between lanes? – How to stay safe on the road? 

If you do not follow these simple steps and get into an accident, a victim may claim for their injuries and loss of earnings

  • Know your limitations as a motorcyclist and follow the rules of the road. 
  • Motorcycle riding is more difficult than driving a car because you have to pay attention to the road and the surroundings at all times. 
  • Take frequent breaks, particularly on lengthy journeys, to stay alert. 
  • Examine your vehicle’s lights and horn before leaving. Also check the brakes, steering, and suspension before driving. 
  • Maintain a safe distance for your own safety.  
  • Wearing brightly coloured clothing can also help you stand out. 
  • Never drive after consuming alcohol or drugs, because it puts your and other drivers’ lives at risk. 

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