How To Claim For Amputations?

Compensation Amounts For Amputation

Having a limb surgically removed can be the most devastating thing for any person. If this amputation had to be done because of someone else’s fault, you reserve the right to claim compensation. Compensation money you will receive for amputation can vary. This amount majorly depends on what type of amputation you have had, the extent of your pain and suffering. In addition to that, the financial losses you have seen in these hard circumstances, like loss of savings, reduced earnings, and extra expenses, are also considered. If you or someone close to you has unfortunately seen a major amputation like losing both legs, the amputation claim award can be in millions.

The compensation money is calculated on the basis of pain and loss of amenity you have suffered in this hard time. Amputation isn’t only physical pain, it also puts equally intense damage on your finances. The purpose of amputation compensations is to help you get all the money you’ve spent to get the treatment and will continue to do in the future as well.

Let’s dive deep into amputation claim matters.

If you’re wondering how much money you will be awarded for amputation compensation, know that there’s no exact answer to that. There are different sorts of amputation claims and all of them are dealt with differently. If you’re ever stuck in this situation, the best option is to get in touch with an expert personal injury solicitor in Edinburg. At Wallace Legal, we will connect you with the best solicitor. Our solicitor will provide you with a free consultation on the whole matter, and only take up your case if they feel it can win. Mostly, amputation claims are for:

  • Loss of finger or fingers
  • Loss of thumbs
  • One foot or hand
  • Both feet or hands
  • Loss of one leg or arm
  • Loss of both legs or arms

Looking at your issue, your solicitor will work on it and give you a fair estimate of how much compensation money you will receive at the end of the case. They will also ask you to bring forth all the medical expenses and other costs you’ve incurred that are related to your amputation, along with the expenses you are likely to see. All these factors will help your solicitor in ascertaining the amount. There is no fixed amount for amputation claims, but you can receive money ranging from £150,000 to £30,000 if the case is severe. This is usually categorised as general damages. If the amputation claim is moderately severe, the money reward can be anywhere in between £70,000 to £250,000 in general damages. Also, if financial losses are also taken into account, the final figure could rise up to £1 million as well. For moderate amputation claims, the most you could receive in settlements is £500,000, which includes the financial losses.

Severe amputation claims are the ones where the sufferer has lost both of their arms or legs. In cases where the patient gets one or both hands cut off are labelled as moderately severe, whereas amputation below the elbow is termed as moderate claims.

Let’s look at the three most important factors.

Pain And Suffering

The compensation money for amputation claims is relatively larger, as compared to other claims. Getting a limb chopped off from the body does not mean the pain will go away with it. There are a huge number of cases where people suffer from serious phantom limb pain after their amputation surgeries. Moreover, neuropathic pain is also very common due to nerve damages. Infections need to be avoided, and for that medical care is needed at all times. All these things contribute to settlement money.

Loss Of Amenity

General damages also include loss of amenity you have seen in this time. This includes how your quality of living has diminished. There is no doubt that amputation will heavily disturb your routine activities and for that, you will need a lot of money to cope.

Financial Losses

Financial losses and expenses come under the label of special damages. If this amputation has made you unable to work, has forced you to hire home care to carry out daily chores, or getting your home altered in a way to accommodate you, you will need a fairly good amount of money.