How To Claim Compensation For A Medical Negligence

The UK has been constantly improving their healthcare department; boasting some of the most professionally trained physicians and doctors, along with a well-structured system put in place by the government that takes great care of its citizens. Even then, we can never have anything at 100%. Regardless of the great system, the probability of errors and negligence remains. These mistakes happen for certain reasons. This can be due to inexperienced technicians at work, lack of knowledge, and in most cases, due to untrained staff working in hospitals that aren’t properly funded.

It’s awful to be a victim of medical negligence and you must know how to deal when faced with such a situation. Fortunately, the law of the UK allows every citizen to claim compensation for any damages they sustain due to medical negligence demonstrated by doctors. Read further to know how to claim for medical negligence.

Filing A Complaint

Medical negligence has its consequences. Sometimes, the repercussions can be light, while other times it can get very dirty. If you haven’t suffered something very serious, the better approach would be to contact the hospital management. Ideally, you can write an email that properly elucidates your complete medical history and everything that has happened. In return they might offer you an apology or a comprehensive explanation. However, if their negligence has made your condition worse or caused severe pain, due to which you had to suffer from financial losses as well as physical pain, this is when you should seek monetary compensation. Get in touch with a medical negligence solicitor right away to get the claim you deserve. Your solicitor will require the medical report for personal injury claim to strengthen your case. This report will outline all the details about your medical condition, and it’s relation with the recent accident.

People You Can Claim Against

Before you dive deep into the process of a medical negligence claim, it’s very important for you to know who you will claim against. Personal injury claims can be made against any person, who is responsible for the mishap. This may include general physicians, nurses, technicians, surgeons, and even mental health specialists.

That said, it is also very important to be sure of the other person’s fault. Your claim will only process further, and your chances of winning will only brighten up if you’re able to prove the other party at fault. Furthermore, the medical claims should be submitted in a court within three years of the mishap. This is the time limit given for most personal injury claims. However, there are certain exceptions in this period. For instance, if the harm caused to your due to negligence was discovered after a few months, the date of knowledge will be considered in such cases. Whatever the case may be, it is always better to get in touch with a professional solicitor.

How To Claim For Medical Negligence

Medical negligence cases are usually more complicated as compared to other personal injury claims. In order to win the case, it’s quite important to learn how the law works. To win a medical negligence case, you will have to prove two factors:

  • The Liability: the technician or medical professional treating you wasn’t as qualified as their counterparts in other places or maybe in the same hospital.
  • The Cause: you should have concrete evidence that the damage you suffered was inflicted due to the negligence of the staff. Getting a claim against medical professionals is fairly difficult because even when you’re certain that the doctor treating you has caused you the pain, other medical professionals can step forward in the defense of their colleague, stating that they would have followed the same procedure. Unfortunately, your case will not be entertained if this happens.

You must hire an expert solicitor at your earliest when encountered with such a situation. They will know how to answer all the questions and tackle any complex situation to ensure the desired results.