How Much Compensation Do You Get for Hearing Loss?

How Much Compensation Do You Get For Hearing Loss

Hearing loss is a normal aspect of ageing for individuals. Hearing loss makes it difficult to converse with others and might affect one’s self-esteem. Meanwhile, it is possible that the noise levels at your job are affecting your hearing. In such a case, you may be eligible to make a claim for it. However, to know how much compensation do you get for hearing loss, consult our team of the best solicitors in Scotland. You can also read our article to know further about this claim. 

Can I claim compensation for hearing loss? 

Industrial workers and those frequently exposed to loud noises are particularly susceptible to hearing loss. Regardless of where you work, excessive noise can permanently damage your hearing. Consequently, you may be able to make a claim if you believe your hearing has been due to a work accident. 

What does worker’s compensation include?  

Employers acquire workers’ compensation insurance, much like you do if you get into an accident. So, if you hurt yourself at work, your company has to pay for your damages. Noise-induced hearing loss affects people working in different fields, e.g. construction sites, mining, manufacturing, agriculture, etc. Therefore, workers’ compensation covers hearing loss at work. However, because hearing loss develops slowly, it’s difficult to know when to make a claim. 

How to prove hearing loss is work-related? 

If you suffer from hearing loss at work, confirm the following factors: 

  • Did you get equipment to protect your hearing? 
  • Were you cautioned about hearing loss? 
  • Are you regularly tested for hearing loss? 
  • Did you receive regular breaks away from the noise? 

Hence, if these conditions were not fulfilled, you can make a personal injury claimagainst your employer. 

Understanding how much compensation do you get for hearing loss? 

Hearing loss compensation can range from a few thousand to hundreds of thousands in severe circumstances. Among the factors affecting compensation for hearing loss are: 

  • If the injury is early and affects speech, 
  • a loss of balance due to the injury. 
  • The injury’s influence on workability 
  • tinnitus severity. 

Hearing loss causes pain and suffering. These are general damages, for which you can get compensation. Additionally, you can claim special damages as well. For instance, your loss of earnings, travel and medical expenses, child-care costs, etc. Thus, we offer an online hearing loss compensation calculator to help you get a precise estimate as well. 

Are you at risk of having a hearing loss? 

If you used to work in a noisy setting, your employer must take steps to limit your risk of hearing loss. This includes wearing the right protective gear, not exposing yourself to loud noises for a long time, and getting regular health checks. 

Besides, you may not get the symptoms until much later in life. However, the hearing loss claim time limit is usually within three years of discovering your hearing loss. Even if your company is no longer in business, you may still be able to make a claim if the insurer associated with the company can be found. 

Get in touch with the best solicitors in Scotland. 

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