How Does No Win No Fee Work? Here’s Everything You Need To Know

When you have a no win no fee arrangement with your lawyer, you don’t have to risk making a claim for the compensation. No win no fee simply is related to the claims of injuries caused by the negligence of medical staff or someone else. That is applicable if you were involved in an activity and faced any fatalities, but none of it was your fault. In case the lawyer is unsuccessful in getting you a compensation claim, you don’t have to pay them a fee. And if they are successful, you have to pay some percentage of the compensation money for them to cover the cost of their time and legal advice.

Types Of Cases That Fit The Criteria

Upon meeting with your solicitor initially, they will tell you whether or not if you have the basis for no win no fee car accident claims, personal injury, or medical negligence. Then you will make a claim against the responsible parties. In most cases, the claim is made if you have suffered an injury or an accident that did not have your contribution and you were not at fault. Your lawyer will assess all the facts and figure out if you have a chance of making a successful claim or not.

How Does It Work?

What happens is that your solicitor creates an agreement which is called a conditional fee agreement. It ensures that you have no obligation to cover the fee in case the claim is not successful. If the claim is successful, they will take a percentage of the compensation, like mentioned above. The drafted agreement with the solicitor will cover the legal fees, medical reports and court fees. The initial consultation should be enough to figure out whether you have the basis to make a no win no fee claim or not.

Processing Of The Claim

Once you have signed the conditional fee agreement, your lawyer will get to work and start gathering all the relevant information and evidence about the claim. This will include witness statements, CCTV footages and medical records. After that, the defendant will be contacted, which can be through their insurance company or legal representatives. If your claim is strong enough, the opposing party will likely offer to settle so that it does not go to court. If your claims are not strong enough and you lack sufficient evidence, then the chances are that you might lose. Hence, you must keep a record of all the relevant data.

Advantages Of No Win No Fee

There are several advantages of going with no win, no fee claims. You do not have to pay any fee upfront. You only have to pay you a percentage of the amount you make from the compensation. This means that it will not cost you any money at all, but if you do win, you will be compensated for your losses. Your solicitor wants to be paid, and hence, they will try their best to win the claim. They will be straightforward in the initial meeting and tell you your chances of success. If you opt for a personal injury lawyer, they have great expertise in that area, and you will have a great chance of being successful.

Risks With No Win No Fee

There are, however, certain disadvantages and risks attached to the entire situation, along with all the benefits. If you abandon the claim for some reason after legal work has already begun, you will be liable to pay your lawyers. Another case in which you will have to pay is that if somehow your claim proves to be unsatisfactory and fraudulent and you refuse to cooperate as per the deal. The last and the most significant risk is that if you are unsuccessful, the defendant can claim their court and lawyer’s fee from you, and you are obligated to pay them.

That was everything you need to know about no win no fee claims. Overall, it is a good idea to submit such claims if you feel you have the basis for that. You can also refer to Wallace Legal to get a professional opinion, and we can guide you accordingly.