How Can Wallace Legal Help In No Win No Fee Claims

The term “no win, no fee” is self-explanatory. It is an arrangement or a contract with a solicitor on the grounds that the client is subjected to make the fee payment only if the case is won. This is extremely beneficial for the common public as they do not have to worry about losing any money if they lose the case. Upon winning, the client still does not have to pay the lawyer from their pocket as their compensation can easily accommodate them and their lawyers. No win no fee claims are relevant in such cases where you have suffered any injuries but none of it was your fault. To ensure a win, you must hire a lawyer expert in these cases. Here’s how Wallace Legal can help you with your no win no fee claims.

Does Your Case Fit Criteria

First of all, the most important thing is to figure out whether your case meets the basis of a no win no fee claim. Upon meeting with us initially, we will tell you if you are applicable to make a no win no fee claim or not. If your case involves personal injury, medical negligence, or a car accident then it is likely for you to be able to make a no win no fee claim. There is a great probability of winning the case if you had no involvement in the incident.

Conditional Fee Agreement

Once it’s settled that your case fits the criteria, we will make an agreement called a conditional fee agreement with you. The reason behind this agreement is to ensure that you are no liable to pay the firm anything if the case is lost. However, if the case is successful then you will have to pay a percentage of the compensation.

Working Of The Claim

After signing the conditional fee agreement, we are now all set to move forward. Our lawyers will gather all the required information that is necessary to strongly present the case. The evidence will include medical records, statements of the eye-witnesses, and CCTV footage. Gathering this evidence is extremely important as lack of any proof might not give your case a solid standing. After this, the responsible party will be contacted through their lawyers or insurance company. With a strong claim, chances are that the opposing party will offer you a settlement. In case there is a lack of required data, then it will create problems for you to get a good settlement offer. Hence, it is advisable to keep all the relevant data safe.

Benefits Of No Win No Fee Claims

It goes without saying that the best thing about no win no fee claim is that it keeps you safe from all liabilities. As long as you have a strong case with all the evidence intact, there is a good chance of winning and getting fair compensation for your losses. You are also not required to pay any fee upfront to your legal representatives. Furthermore, no lawyer wants their hard work to go to waste so they will try their level best to get you a victory not just so you can win but they get paid too.

Drawbacks Of No Win No Fee Claims

Like everything else, no win no fee claims also come with a catch. In some cases, people feel like removing themselves from the claim after the work has begun. If this happens with you, you will be charged by your lawyers for the time they spent working on your case. Another scenario is if the claim proves to be fraudulent then also you will have to cover the costs. If your lawyers feel that you are not cooperating as per the agreement, they can demand a payment from you. Lastly, the biggest risk involved is that in case you lose the claim, the opposing party can hold you accountable to pay their lawyer’s fee and court fee and as per law, you will have to pay them.

With that said, if you are looking for lawyers to assist you with a no win no fee medical negligence in Scotland, head over to Wallace Legal for the best legal guidance.