Historical Abuse Compensation

Historical Abuse Compensation 

Historical abuse compensation – When an adult is assaulted as a kid or under the age of 18, it is considered as historical abuse. Some individuals may already know about the abuse while others would recently realize it. In both circumstances, the victim can still seek compensation under the CICA compensation plan. This is the area where you will need our expert solicitor’s assistance.

Compensation for victims of abuse 

Because of the trauma, abuse victims may not report to the police or make a claim for years. However, even if the victim or the mediator dies, both institutions and organizations are usually negligent. But this malpractice is does not occur now. We understand that memories fade and evidence of abuse is difficult to find, but we can still help you. To calculate your compensation, you can also use our compensation calculator. Most importantly, when you make a claim, make sure you have notarized documents.

The Most Common Types of Abuse

Regardless of the type of historical sexual abuse, any victim can claim for compensation. Some of the most common types of such abuse recorded are: 

  • Sexual violence which occurs when a victim is sexually harassed. This comprises a wide range of offences, including rape.
  • Violation of the victim’s privacy for the offender’s sexual enjoyment.
  • By using status, authority, or gender, sexual harassment forces the victim to have sex.
  • Molestation involves unwanted genital contact without the victim’s consent.
  • Incest; a type of historical sexual abuse in which someone sexually violates a child of his/her own family.
  • Harm to the victim’s genitals or other sexual organs, refers to sexual violence.
  • Victims are exploited for sexual or monetary benefit.

Can I claim compensation for historical sexual abuse? 

Yes!  The official proof determines whether CICA considers you a legitimate victim of abuse. With forensic evidence, your claim will take less time to process. Surprisingly, we get fair judgments for our clients in around 3 months. The time limitation can extend up to a year or 18 months if the case requires medical confirmation of a long-term psychological injury. Our historical abuse compensation solicitor will advise you on your possibilities.

What to do if you were abused as a child? 

If you were abused sexually, the best thing you can do is to try to gather proof to support your claim. Similarly, we understand that this is more challenging when referring to long-gone events. Alongside this, please do any of the following if you can:

  • Even though it hurts, take note of anything that happened as quickly as possible. It will help you remember critical details afterwards.
  • Obtain contact information for everyone who can assist you establish a compelling case for instance, the witnesses.
  • Consult a doctor immediately. This is vital for your health, but also for your doctor’s report, which will specify your diagnosis, prescribed treatment, and future prospects. It would be used to calculate your payout.

Historical abuse compensation Solicitors in Scotland  

Professional advice is provided on a No-Win No-Fee basis by our best solicitors for you at Wallace Legal. Compensation for historical abuse cannot undo the past, but it can assist restore lives by paying therapy, schooling, and financial stability. The amount of historical abuse compensation you can receive depends on the severity of your injuries and how they impacted your life. You can also reclaim money for any losses related directly to the assault, such as lost income. The length of time since the abuse occurred has no bearing on your reimbursement.  We acknowledge that we are not able to give you any psychiatry counselling. Therefore, we attempt to engage directly with community and national charities that can help during the claims process and afterwards as well. Contact us if you require further assistance proving any historical abuse.