Car Accident Claim

Guide To A Car Accident Claim With No Injury

In many cases of minor car accidents, it is possible that you may be safe from any physical injuries. However, even if you are not injured, there may be significant damage to your property. In that case, you can make a claim for a car accident claim even if you are not hurt. This ensures that the responsible party compensates you for any property damage or other expenses that may accompany the car accident.  

Car accident claims in Scotland ensure that the other person liable for your accident compensates you for property damage, lost wage, or psychological damage, such as anxiety, PTSD, and depression. So even if you don’t sustain any physical injury from the accident,  you should still make a claim to compensate for any property or psychological damage.

Personal Injury Claim With No Injury

Here are some damages that you can make a claim for in a car accident claim even if you have retained no injuries.

Medical Expenses

Emergency care is still extremely vital in an accident where you can see no physical injuries. Sometimes, it is possible that you can have internal injuries from the accident and getting a checkup done works in your favour.

Some of the medical bills that can be associated with the car accident, even if you don’t get injured, include emergency care, as explained, doctor visits, lost income, psychiatric care and therapy expenses.

Emotional Trauma

Mental trauma and psychological issues are very common among people who get into an accident, even if they are uninjured. It is possible that you could have been injured or even killed during that accident, and the thought only can cause emotional distress for a very long time. Small things in life can trigger anxiety or panic attacks after the accident, which can come in between you leading a happy and stress-free life.

A victim suffering emotionally after the accident has the grounds to make a claim against the responsible party. The emotional anguish of a person holds significant value in the court of law and can result in compensation if a claim is made.

Property Damage

A car is a pretty valuable property of a person, and it takes most people years to pay it off. Other than that, people usually travel with their phones and other valuables. In the event of an accident, there is a good chance that all these valuables face significant damage.

The other person’s insurance company is responsible for any damages to your vehicle that may be caused by them. The accident can range from collision to swerving off the road, in any case, making a claim will help you get compensation for those damages from the person responsible.

Any other valuables, including phones, laptops or tablets, should also be compensated by the person responsible. Making a claim through a solicitor will be helpful, as they will make sure you are compensated for each and every loss or damage.

How Can A Personal Injury Lawyer Help

Consulting a lawyer will always be in your favour in a personal injury claim, especially if you are in an accident with no fault of your own and have retained no injuries. A personal injury lawyer will guide you through the process of making a car accident claim even if you have no injuries, as they would be aware of all the possible things in a car accident one could get compensated for.

When you work with a personal injury lawyer on your claim, they will make your life easier by investigating the accident, gathering evidence for fault and liability, calculating the value of all injury and non-injury related damages and negotiate fair compensation with the compensation company. They will further take care of all the communications, paperwork and legal deadlines of your claim when they represent you.

At Wallace Legal, we offer a free consultation for making a personal injury claim. So if you are in a car accident with no injury, you might benefit from a consultation session to learn about what you are owed even without an injury. Our solicitors work on a strict no win no fee policy, where you don’t owe us anything if you don’t get compensation for your claim.