First Bus Accident Claims

First Bus Accident Claims

Bus drivers, whether government or private, have a duty of care to their passengers. Although bus seatbelt use has reduced injuries, the psychological and physical costs are considerable. Even if you get injured on a bus, determining fault is challenging. As a result, Wallace Legal’s best solicitors for you can assist you with your first bus accident claims. We will fight relentlessly to get you the compensation you deserve. To know more about these claims, read our article

Types of first bus accident claims 

Every year, road traffic accidents injure many people. Meanwhile, the most common bus accident claims we handle are: 

What are the common causes of bus accidents? 

Most of the bus accidents are caused by the bus drivers’ negligence. Nevertheless, to investigate your bus claim, consider the following: 

  • Bad weather: drivers should be cautious enough not to leave when the weather is bad. 
  • Human errors: a driver may not always reach the standards expected of them. For example, a taxi driver losing focus on the road may cause a crash too. 
  • Poor maintenance: failing to do ordinary maintenance on the buses results in a mechanical failure that leads to a crash.  

What happens if a bus driver crashes? 

Most importantly, a bus driver must ensure passenger safety. But, you can claim damages if you can show a violation of duty of care, i.e., 

  • Negligence by the driver led to the accident. 
  • You went through injuries due to the accident. 

What could you claim in your first bus accident claims? 

First, you may be eligible to make a claim for general damages. Secondly, you can also recover lost wages, medical bills, parking, and counselling charges. Some examples of bus accident compensation are following.

  • Injuries to one’s physical body 
  • Psychiatric injury 
  • Medical costs 
  • Loss of income 
  • The cost of a hospital stay 
  • Damage to clothing and other personal belongings 

In fact, our online bus accident compensation calculator provides a precise estimate of your compensation. 

How to prove evidence for a bus accident claim? 

Any bus crash claim requires proof of injury and fault. So, gathering evidence can either make or break your case. You could: 

  • Record the incident: note down the time and date of the accident, and your bus’s license plate as well as  the driver’s name. 
  • Seek out witnesses: passengers who saw the accident can give a statement on your behalf. 
  • File a report: all public transportation companies must keep records of all incidents. Using your copy may prove your involvement. 
  • Get medical consultation: While you get first aid on site, you should also go to a doctor. A medical report can help to back up your claim. 
  • CCTV footage: public transportation now has surveillance cameras too. Get a copy of the footage to claim afterwards.  

Consult our best solicitors in Scotland right away. 

Those who retain legal consultation in their first bus accident claimstypically come out ahead financially compared to those who represent themselves. Besides, Wallace Legal has a team of skilled solicitors who work for your benefit. Moreover, our No-Win No-Fee claims assure clients that their solicitor will do everything possible to maximize their compensation. Contact us now to get a free consultation right away, or fill out an online form.