False Injury Claim Car Accident

False Injury Claim Car Accident

very day, either a driver or a pedestrian causes a road traffic accident. However, a driver or a pedestrian can make false claims to receive compensation. If you have been involved in a car accident but neither you nor the other driver have been injured and the latter still pursues a false injury claim for car accident, contact our team of expert solicitors who can assist you. 

 Many people choose to go the other way and make a false personal injury or accident claim against you. This is to make you or your insurance pay for fake damages, injuries, and lost earnings. However, there are many exaggerated personal injury claims in car accidents. Contact our team of expert solicitors for accident claims advice.  

False car Accident Claims 

In car accidents, there are numerous categories and types of frauds that can occur. Without witnesses, it is difficult to determine who is at fault and whether or not negligence was involved. If the accident was not caused by either driver’s negligence and the other driver still makes a false claim, contact our legal team immediately. Some false car accident claims are following  

  • Rear end collision 
  • False insurance claim 
  • Fake personal injury claim 
  • Car accident with no witnesses 

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Accident Claim Compensation 

If a false injury claim for car accident is made against you, the other party may not be compensated for damages without proving fault. If the other party collects enough evidence, then you must have enough proof to make a valid claim. Photographs, video footage, police reports, and witnesses are vital. If you injure yourself in an accident and a fake personal injury claim is there against you, you can sue for damages and medical expenses. Some false injury claims include. 

Multiple Injury Compensation Calculator 

We can also help you calculate your damages, medical bills, and lost earnings using the best online personal injury calculator. You can always check the true costs of damages as well as injuries if someone is lying about their injuries in a car accident or overestimating their costs. Our legal team can further help with  

Best Car Accident Claim Solicitors in Scotland  

We at Wallace Legal have a panel of the best solicitors for you who can help you make a claim and win compensation. Furthermore, for personal injury or car accident, our team of solicitors work on a No Win No Fee basis. Our team of solicitors can help you with any false injury claim for car accident, fake whiplash claim, or exaggerated personal injury claim made against you. Contact us anytime through phone or WhatsApp. Make a claim with the best solicitors in Scotland.