Eye Injury Compensation

Eye Injury Compensation

While eye injury compensation claims are common, most are for minor eye injuries with a quick recovery. Generally, eye injuries can result in blindness or even death. Also, an eye injury can have a huge impact on a victim’s job and personal life, requiring substantial compensation. Thus, if you suffer from eye damage owing to someone else’s negligence, you are eligible to make a compensation claim. 

Can I make an eye injury compensation claim? 

You are also eligible for compensation if your laser eye surgery goes wrong or if you get an eye injury in a road accident. 

Yet, you can contact us today if you got an eye injury due to an accident that was not your fault. 

Who will be liable for my eye injury? 

Eye injuries can be a result due to negligence in a variety of situations, including: 

But depending on the situation, the guilty party could be a municipality, a governmental institution, a private firm, or an individual. 

Medical Negligence-Loss of sight in one eye 

When it comes to such claims, we deal with a wide spectrum of injuries. The most common cause of an eye injury is medical negligence. However, we can help you if your injury was caused by the negligence of an optician or a healthcare worker. We, at Wallace Legal, recognize that eye injuries impact people differently. As a result, we will put together a claim and make sure you get enough compensation for your loss. 

What is the average payout for eye injury compensation? 

The amount of eye injury compensation depends on the severity of the injury, as with all other personal injury claims. In addition, the expense of your treatment and care, travel costs, and loss of earnings must also be fractioned into the compensation calculation. If you have lost sight due to someone else’s negligence, considerable compensation to assist you can be millions of pounds. In fact, we have a track record of winning claims for black eye compensation. 

Meanwhile, our eye injury compensation calculator can help you get an estimate for your eye injury pain and suffering, as well as all the special damages. 

What is the time-limit for making an eye injury claim? 

You have three years from the date of the accident to make a claim. However, exceptions to the norm include: 

  • No time constraints apply if a child is below. At 18, the child can make their own claim. 
  • You can make a claim on behalf of someone who suffers from head or brain damage. No time limits apply here. 
  • You have three years to submit a fatal accident claim on behalf of a loved one who died. 

Wallace Legal has the best solicitors in Scotland. 

Eye injuries are severe, affecting almost every aspect of your life. Therefore, we’ll work together with you to satisfy your compensation needs. For instance, providing private eye therapy, providing specialized equipment, and advising on benefits if you are unable to work. Most of our eye damage claims are supported on a No Win No Fee basis. We can help because we have the best solicitors for you. You can either call us or reach us through WhatsApp