Everything You Need To Know About School & Playground Accident Claims

Everything You Need To Know About School & Playground Accident Claims

According to the statistics from the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents, around 40,000 injuries occur on playgrounds annually, resulting in a visit to the hospital. Although parents take preventive measures, trips and falls are inevitable.

Even though the chances of permanent injuries and fatalities in playground accidents are quite low, the slightest injuries can still be too much for a child to endure.

Therefore, parents expect their children to be looked after on the playground and do not get any injuries.

If an injury occurs, parents can make a personal injury claim on their child’s behalf who has suffered an injury on the playground. A Scottish personal injury costs calculatorcan help you determine the compensation amount that you are eligible for.

Requirements For A Playground

All playgrounds must be well-maintained, in working order, and most importantly, safe for children.

On school premises, there are as many chances of accidents occurring in gyms and as there are on playgrounds. Hence, gyms should be risk assessed regularly to prevent even minor injuries. Although a school cannot be held accountable for insignificant bumps and bruises, it should provide a safe environment and limit the use of things that can potentially cause harm.

If an accident occurs on the school premises, totally due to the ill-kept school property or the management’s negligence, the harmed pupil is entitled to compensation.

Types Of Accidents

There can be many types of accidents that can occur on school premises or a playground, such as:

  • Falls, trips, and slips
  • Injuries due to sports
  • Injuries due to school equipment
  • Wounds and cuts from ill-maintained, sharp objects

Causes Of Accidents

  • Poorly maintained equipment that is incorrectly installed, broken, or does not meet the safety standards.
  • Unsuitable equipment not appropriate for a particular age group
  • Harsh weather conditions
  • Accidents by moving objects such as swings
  • Absence of adult supervision

Prevention Of Accidents

Accidents in schools and playgrounds can be prevented by some precautionary measures, such as:

  • Management should ensure that the equipment is regularly inspected and meets all safety standards
  • The supervision staff should be trained and must follow safety standards
  • Repair faulty objects without any delays
  • Anything with the potential to cause an accident should be reported immediately.

It is the responsibility of the local council and the school to ensure that the children are safe. Children are not equipped to take care of themselves and are more likely to get injured than adults. Hence, it is imperative that the guardians ensure their safety and prevent any accidents from taking place.

Making A Claim For An Injured Child

If your child got injured in the school premises or a local play area, you could make a compensation claim on their behalf. Whether they fell, tripped, or got injured due to faulty equipment and lack of supervision, they are eligible for compensation to cover all the medical bills.

An injury at school or on the playground requires immediate medical attention. Furthermore, the school management or local council must be informed of the accident. Bringing it in their knowledge will provide you with a safety record of the accident. If you do not report the accident to the authorities immediately, linking it with future consequences would be quite tricky.

You can get in touch with the experts at Wallace Legal to pursue your claim. All you need is some evidence such as pictures and medical receipts to help back your claim. Victim statements, eyewitnesses, and details of the accident site are also crucial for your case. If your child’s injury occurred due to someone’s negligence, you are eligible for the claim.

The compensation you receive can be used to cover care, rehabilitation, and medical expenses. It can help you manage all the costs that would not have occurred if it weren’t for that accident. You should also monitor your child for any changes after the accident, as some consequences often take time to be visible.

At Wallace Legal, we can assist you with all personal injury claims. You need a calculator in Scotland for personal injury claims to estimate the compensation you deserve. We will help provide an estimated amount and work to get you rightful compensation. Put your faith in us, and rest assured we will help you get the best compensation.