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Everything You Need to Know About Back Injuries & Making A Compensation Claim Against Them

According to the Health and Safety Executive statistics, work-related back disorders accounted for the loss of 3.2 million working days in a year. This is a massive amount of lost working time, which results in a major blow to the economy. These numbers show that back injury can make a significant difference to a person’s working life on an individual level. For every case included in the study, the mean number of lost working days was around 17 days. Combined with the holiday entitlement of the UK employees, they result in almost a year’s worth of work missed due to a back injury!

This proves that back injuries are one of the most lethal injuries possible. Their damage may vary based on different situations, albeit most of the injuries can cause long-lasting damage. Suppose you have ever suffered a minor or severe back injury due to someone else’s negligence. In that case, you must make a back injury compensationclaim and receive compensation for the adverse effects you faced. This compensation will include all the extra expenses you had to bear due to the injury, along with loss of income and all the mental trauma you had to face.

Types of Back Injury

The intensity of back injuries can be of several types. It can vary based on:

  • Soft-tissue injury

These injuries are related to strains and damage to tendons, ligaments, and muscles. The lumbar spine is vulnerable to soft-tissue injuries. This occurs due to its flexibility and also because its carries most of the body’s weight.

  • Slipped discs

In medical terms, slipped discs are called herniated or ruptured discs. The outer layers of a disc can break due to trauma sustained in an accident, causing the inside fluids to leak out. This can cause excruciating pain, and the leaked fluid can also put pressure on the spinal cord and major nerves. This causes substantial pain, loss of sensation in different body parts, such as indifference to a pin or needle prick.

  • Broken vertebrae

Broken vertebrae can be deadly due to their proximity to the spinal cord. It can cause permanent damage to the body.

  • Damage to nerves & spinal cord

There can be severe consequences to regular body functions if major nerves are damaged or affected by damaged caused to other spinal components. The spinal cord plays a significant role in the body, and the damage can cause loss of muscle control, sensation, and in worst cases, paralysis.

Making A Compensation Claim for Back Injuries

Making a claim can help you in many ways to get your life back to normal. Once you begin the procedure, insurers will provide you with rehabilitation to help with a speedy recovery.

Even if you cannot reverse what is already done, a compensation claim can fund your recovery, help your family, and play a role in rebuilding your life. It can also mitigate the financial strain you will face due to your inability to earn and loss of earnings.

A compensation claim also acts as a deterrent and holds the responsible party accountable for your injuries. Your claim will prevent someone else from falling victim to a similar situation. Fighting for your claim will send a powerful message that the responsible party must prevent such negligences in the future.

Make Your Claim With Wallace Legal

For any claim to be successful, the solicitors need to work with dedication. They should make the client comfortable and tend to all their queries. Not only that, but they should also keep the client up to date with all the progress.

At Wallace Legal, our solicitors specialize in back injury claims and will work with utmost dedication to ensure that you get the compensation you rightfully deserve. We take pride in being ethical, honest, and efficient lawyers in the UK.

If you need more information regarding a back injury claim and you need a consultation regarding your case, contact us today. We will discuss your case and weigh your options. You can begin your claim with us today by contacting us now.